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The post in front of the star has explored in detail the site planning should pay special attention to competitors and how to find competitors and how to analyze competitors. So this competitor has been found, competitor website analysis data has been made, what should we do next? This is the question that the sky wants to discuss with you today. When we get the data, the first thing we need to do is compare the data and we can see that there are three categories of competitors: 1. Strong competitors, 2. No competitor, 3. General competitors. Let's look at the differences and what measures we should take in detail.

A strong competitor

If through the comparison data we found that we established this competitor is very strong, the strength is very formidable belongs to the giant class, I competes but he how to do? This time we have to do is: industry or domain segmentation differentiation. To give a simple example: like the News Network, Beijing is the news network in the field of the Giants, we certainly are not the competition, but now there are many small news stations have also been successful, why? They are doing a vertical subdivision of the journalism industry, either in a local or a specific area. This group of users is also very large, so they have been successful.

Apart from the above mentioned industry segmentation differences we can also take the content or service differentiated measures to successfully operate the site. If they take better service, if we can not take a better service, then we have to take another way to attract users. Avoid confrontation, which is more conducive to our own development.

Second, no competitor

Although this situation is relatively rare, but also can be encountered. We investigated to investigate the results but found that the industry does not have a Web site, we are secretly happy or painted a big question mark? This time we must not blindly to continue the investigation and analysis, mainly from two aspects:

1. This area has been done, but not done.

We're going to analyze why he didn't do it. Or his team? or whether he has not invested enough or if the site in this field needs a particular resource, and so on, which remains to be investigated, and only when the nature of the matter is ascertained can we make a plan Can we speculate whether this project is feasible and whether it can make money for us.

2. No one has done this in this area.

Since no one in this field has done it, we are no match. Can only be the first person, this time we need to do is to estimate how much investment in this area, the upfront can not invest too much, as far as possible to make small investment plan. The reason that no one has done this is that it may require too much investment. In addition, the site is not the field of the profit model or lack of profit, this has to be investigated in depth. There is this field of the site is not a person can think, but the investment is small, the benefit of the explosion, that congratulations, you picked up cheap, hurriedly set about to do it.

Iii. General Competitors

The average competitor basically does not have any special high quality thing, we from his data analysis to change our strategy, by comparing their website basic data, we can adjust own emphasis, achieves our each all to be stronger than him, we also have our unique bright spot.

Above is the star to the competitor's some shallow understanding, zhi in the inspiration, this article by the Feminine Vogue website Edition Starry Sky provides, the Starry Sky blog Www.fashion169.com/zdmblog, hoped the same-minded friend together to share the experience, exchanges the experiences.

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