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Preferred to consider the user experience, that is, when the user through the keyword you selected to the relevant pages on your site, the content of the page to the user has a certain value, why? Because this is in line with the search engine included in the page conditions. The major search engine in comparison with what, than is the user experience, see who search out something more valuable, who can win the hearts and minds, because of this, Google will be out page rank this thing. As for how to improve the quality of the page, I will not say, I will say two words: intentions, transposition thinking.

Second, the Internet coverage of the key words, this word is my own made up, here I first explain what is called keyword Network coverage: Refers to a word in the network awareness, mainly search engines and netizens to the word of cognition, search engine cognition is a keyword of the amount, This we can learn from the site to understand the search engine on this keyword cognition degree, the Netizen cognition degree can through our ordinary life accumulated experience (for example: Each person's internet habits, search habits, with what input method, and so on) to make an incomplete judgment on it.

Third, the key words of the current affairs and heat.

Contest, fast male, Hunan TV station, etc. In short, the key words of an article will affect visitors to the site other pages of the visit, that is, PV, and PV to a certain extent reflects the site's viscosity, the value of the site exists!

Source: Search Engine Marketing Journal www.semlog.cn

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