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This is the internal training material for the company operator, for SEO, I always dare not call myself an expert or skilled operation, because I do not have a short-term promotion of successful experience, for this area, I am just a continuous exploration of the traveler, this information from the industry experts blog, and the combination of my personal feelings to organize.

With China's first batch of Seoer quietly retreat, China's SEO field more and more impetuous, SEO has become a Chinese workshop-type E-commerce service business new deception Props, any one dare to call experts, SEO in the end is what? Is it a transitional term in the internet age or a marketing channel? Is it a very simple thing or is it a complex project? Not the truth, only the body in this mountain. Perhaps only forget the SEO this noun that day, we can really understand it.

Before we look at this information, we'll share three words:

1,95% seo technique is very simple, you will see in any article about SEO, the most important 5% is "experience", "creativity" and "contacts";---Zac (Singapore)

2, for the whole network marketing work, execution is more important than creativity; ---Tong

3, persistent content production, promotion and optimization, is a boring, tedious, repetitive, need to adhere to the process. --seomm

Let's review the basics of the 95% SEO techniques that you've already known in your chest:

We optimize the SEO by the object into four parts, when you face a need to optimize the site, you can from these four aspects of analysis, it should be noted that these four parts do not contain strategic event promotion.

1, basic optimization;

2, content optimization;

3, structural optimization;

4, outside the chain optimization.

Content optimization and structural optimization are also the performance results of user experience analysis.

First, basic optimization

Basic optimization is the site content suitable for the search engine included a series of prophase work, now gradually into the Web site development links, become a necessary work content. This part of the work is well-known, but not everyone to implement, feel that this part of the work is simple, lack of challenges, in fact, this part of the work of the site as a whole included and performance impact is very large. In addition, it should be noted that each of the basic optimization of the details of the site will not have much impact, but the integration of all factors once produced an effect.

1, Domain name

(1) Trust degree of domain name

Search engine to the domain name Trust degree is: gov, org, com, net, CN.

(2) The age of the domain name has a great impact on rankings, generally speaking, the domain name of the larger search engine to give the weight of the higher, very few web site exceptions.

2,title, meta, static page, url naming, directory hierarchy, HTML semantic layout (DIV)

(1) Title not biting, highlighting the key;

(2) Meta's keywords basically loses the function, the description function only has one: induces the searcher to click your website link;

(3) Static pages are indeed more conducive to inclusion, but not absolute;

(4) The name of the URL is very important, Baidu prefers pinyin combination, Google prefers English combination, the combination of the first letter is not meaningful;

(5) The level of the program path should not exceed 3 levels, as far as possible to avoid the following structure: http://www.123.com/html/cache/post/index/service/hy/080728.html

(6) HTML semantic layout, that is, through div to achieve the separation of structure and performance, using the semantic content of HTML, such as H1 represents a level of title, fervent and EM representatives emphasized.

3, keyword density

Keyword stuffing is the optimizer unknowingly made mistakes, theoretically the density of keywords is 3-8%, the actual probably in heading, Keyword Density query tool has been sent to everyone.

4, basic Building Station Knowledge: Server address, Domain name resolution, proxy access, independent IP, frame structure, iframe transfer

Understanding this knowledge of the site's optimization and operation benefits are great, you can arrange a specific time by the technical department to conduct training, operators need constant research and learning, avoid a taste.

5, analysis tools: keyword mining, search index, keyword density, web page similarity, keyword heat, browse source, Alexa rankings, PR value, reverse chain survey, the site included a number of surveys.

The above tools are available.

6, Avoidance technology: Hidden text, focus on the content of the use of pictures or flash, JavaScript.

Ii. Content Optimization

Content optimization Here is not the content creation, but the technical optimization of the content, more for the editors need to master skills.

1, keyword strategy

(1) Through the study of the key word heat and the popular search habit, we can make a reasonable keyword with the content of the website.

(2) Reasonable use of keywords, to reprint articles as far as possible to achieve half original.

2, Inner chain

(1) Multi-use inner chain, pay attention to anchor anchor text;

(2) to the key page triage PR value.

3, understand HTML basic semantics, proper use of HTML tags such as fervent and HX

Iii. Structural optimization

Structural optimization is a part of the site planners and program developers need to pay more attention to. Structural optimization and content optimization, like the need to constantly learn and precipitation, it is difficult to tell too many theories, but in the overall performance of the site occupies the largest proportion, the need for the implementation of strict checks.

1, the logic of the structure of the website is clear, the level is simple and clear, preferably not more than 3;

2, the link structure is clear, suitable for viewers to read and search engine crawling;

3, programming language optimization;

4, the front and back stage realization form is simple and clear.

Iv. External chain optimization

Outer chain optimization is the biggest link between black hat and white hat. If the first three parts of SEO is a basic, framework operation, then the chain optimization is a strategic work, two content of the same site, often in the chain optimization of the link on the high and low. But we must firmly believe that the outside chain optimization is just a icing on the cake to promote the means, a website must do its own content to get long-term development.

Similarly, outside the chain optimization needs a solid operation process, a dry and boring basic amount of work, its role will gradually appear. Chain optimization with link bait One says, maybe you can do more with less.

Several aspects that influence the optimization of outer chain:

1, number;

2, quality;

3, the weight of the link domain name (gov, org, com, cn);

4, link page and website content relevance;

5, Link anchor text whether there are keywords;

6, Link text diversity (different keywords);

7, the length of the link existence time;

8, the link itself and the link text changes over time, the growth rate of the smoothness;

9, the ratio of cross linking and exchange links, exchange links are not too much.

The above four parts covers a broad range of white hat seo operation of several links, or an old saying, SEO is the integration of various details of the effect, it takes a long time to reflect. To share a few words:

1. Factors Influencing ranking:

(1) The server can not respond or respond very slowly;

(2) with the search engine has been included in the content of high repetition;

(3) Chain to low quality or refuse site;

(4) The reverse chain comes from the low quality or the rubbish site;

(5) There is a large number of duplicated meta tags in the website;

(6) excessively piling keywords;

(7) browsing too low;

(8) Use CSS or background color to hide content.

2, in a few months, at the same time will be a station from Baidu, Google optimization to the first page is impossible;

3,seo is just a kind of marketing strategy, marketing is only a part of the site operation;

4, most black hat tricks are still very effective, but do not let your site in the search engine left a "criminal record."

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