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The website to be said today is a duvet site.

Site characteristics are not many, is the new station has not been submitted to Baidu, before also missed the chain, Baidu today, 18th Update is included, the snapshot or yesterday, 17th.

OK, the following is the website construction process:

Since the domain name is newly registered, so we can start from the beginning of the design, the first is the title, of course, the most important key words in the first, down, after the other goods, down jacket, and finally put their own site name. Home layout, the use of the news release mode, such a practice is to let the home page has updated information, so that the keyword density can control their own.

After the writing of the article, do site optimization, internal link optimization These are very normal, important is the content of the original, on the subject of feather, in fact, what the basic knowledge of the article, have published, then how to do the original? My practice is to use their own tone or habits to make changes, such as "down to the maintenance of" this article http://www.yurongbei.net/html/knowledge/ Baoyang.html, Baidu, there are more than 14,000 of the theme, then casually find an article, and then look at one or more times, in dictation out, may be my memory is not very good, so basically only wrote their own thought of the general meaning, add some of their own things in, it became a unique online article.

Today, March 18, Baidu updated, although yurongbei.net this domain name did not mention to Baidu, but Baidu has included him, relative to those who want 2 weeks or longer time, the collection of the site is not too fast, the site and other sites are not too much relationship, The only thing I can say is the article, the basic is original.

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