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Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall

As we all know, since Taobao guest fire up, many people began to do CPS platform. Do such a platform, in fact, is very simple, there is no secret to say, if you find some purchase channels or agent some merchandise, you can do CPS platform. But the premise you have certain operation ability and capital strength, otherwise the factory does not believe you. Because Chang home is the traditional sales come, if you have a different sales performance, can also become a bargaining chip.

Back to the body. CPS platform more and more, is to see millions of of personal webmaster these sales channels, but also easy to control these personal webmaster. Why do you say that, Chang home one by one.

I can say that many stationmaster is not own profit plan, anyway everybody earns money through advertisement Alliance, also depend on Advertisement Alliance. If the advertising league does not make money, is basically white, hard to get due return, this is not our original intention.

But what we have to do is find our own profit model. CPS platform may be the hope of many webmaster, including Chang home, but also look forward to the CPS platform.

In fact, the CPS platform for sales control is quite a bit, the antecedents of the statistical data is rarely transparent, that is, the final performance, only the CPS platform to statistical data.

This could be a place of unspoken rules.

Some time ago, mobile phone CPS platform to find me, said to you to do a mobile phone promotion. Of course, hanging ads is free, 10% sales commission, they promised to each other monthly data, and they give me an account, said can be traced to the statistics.

When you log in after a few days to their account number, the above data is only 3, but there is no payment transactions. So, I in the QQ with the active contact person chats, she said the website revision, changed the domain name, wants to change the link.

I did the same. I am under their website, the address is Shenzhen. So I told him that I have been in Shenzhen for 10 years, often near their company's address. May be so, I think she is afraid of. Then the net name changed.

After a few days, I logged into their so-called backstage, data or 3 data, I carefully observed is the date, found that it is likely that these data are written, they give the link does not point to here.

In a word, this is a liar. Now the shadow is gone, I look at the QQ record, there is no this person, this is the guilty of a liar.

Chang home advise want to do CPS platform friends, choose must pay attention to all the details. If you are not sure Taobao customers, but I heard that Taobao is also very messy. CPSG Platform for some people to exploit the place, take 7474.html "> Grassroots webmaster's face to brush."

That CPS platform is that platform, I do not want to say here, because of the search engine reasons, to say only for him to increase the chain, cheaper her. Stationmaster don't do such a thing. I asked her where she found me, she said, webmaster net. Haha, not to the webmaster network in the Dark Oh!

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