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As the middle link capital flow, "abstract" is the most concerned problem in the process of electronic commerce, and it is also the bottleneck restricting the development of e-commerce. E-commerce integrates information flow, capital flow, logistics, payment method, and occupies a pivotal position in electronic commerce, its evolution process directly determines the development of E-commerce. This paper discusses the effectiveness of Third-party payment platform, and discusses the development of third party payment platform in China.



with the further development of social and economic technology, people's understanding of e-commerce gradually mature. At the same time, one of the core content of E-commerce, "electronic payment" has been more people's attention. In the actual application of the electronic payment methods are mainly as follows: the bank card direct transfer mode, Third-party platform settlement payment model, electronic cash payment mode, credit card SSL payment mode, credit card set payment mode. The above electronic payment mode has their own characteristics and application scope. Among them, the third party platform settlement payment model is gradually developing into a payment model which is widely used in electronic commerce.


One: Overview of Third-party payment Platforms


the so-called third party payment platform is a third party service-oriented intermediary, it is mainly for e-commerce business enterprises to provide the basic support and application of e-commerce services, not directly engaged in specific e-commerce activities. Third-party payment platform is independent of banks, websites and businesses to do the functions of clear payment. Its main purpose is to guarantee the credit of both sides of the transaction through certain means to resolve the uncertainty of the online transaction risk, increase the possibility of online transaction, and provide the corresponding other services for the following possible problems. Third party payment platform with its good compatibility, credit intermediary, security, convenience, fast and other characteristics into the payment of E-commerce, and quickly occupy the online payment of most of the market share.


II: A few advantages of the third party payment platform:


1, Third-party payment platform with a number of banks to cooperate with the way, at the same time provide a variety of bank card Gateway interface, thus greatly facilitate the online transactions, for businesses, without the installation of various bank certification software, to a certain extent simplifies the cost and operation;

2, Third-party payment platform as an intermediary, can facilitate the cooperation between merchants and banks. The third party payment platform can reduce the operating cost of the enterprise, and at the same time, the bank can use the service system of the third party directly to provide the service and help the bank to save the gateway development cost.

3, the Third-party payment platform can provide value-added services to help merchants website to solve real-time transaction inquiries and trading system analysis, to provide convenient and timely refund and payment services;

4, third party payment platform can record the transaction of both sides of the transaction, thus preventing both sides of the transaction from the possible repudiation of the transaction and provide the corresponding evidence for the disputes that may arise in the subsequent transaction, although the use of the more advanced set protocol has the same effect. In short, the Third-party payment platform is the ideal solution for all possible breakthroughs in both payment security and transaction credit. The abstract simplified model of the platform.

the development status and prospect of third party payment

due to the convenience of the money collection and payment, the extension of the function, credit intermediary credibility and other advantages, the third party online payment to better solve the long-term problem of electronic business integrity, logistics, cash flow problems, resulting in e-commerce sites and businesses sought after. Some even say that if E-commerce is seen as the engine of future economic development, then Third-party online payment is the engine's main booster.


The first Third-party payment company was in the domestic market as early as 1998. At present, the domestic online payment platform service range has been spanning business-to-business, b2c,c2c and other fields, at home and abroad accumulated a certain number of fixed users, occupy the innate business background advantage. With the rapid popularity of Internet payments since the beginning of 2 0 0 5, a growing number of Third-party payment service platforms are starting to emerge and join the War Corps. Domestic bank credit card across the line, cross-regional barriers are being gradually broken. Today's Third-party payment platform relies on China UnionPay, backed by the gold project, has been the major commercial banks of the strong support, access, you can simultaneously connect a large number of banks, gateways and even international cards, the overall promotion of online trading channels unimpeded. The comprehensive application of Third-party payment platform has become a new trend to develop e-commerce and increase the competitiveness of traditional enterprises. In a long time, the integrity of E-commerce, logistics, cash flow problems through the application of online payment tools to be resolved, the application of Third-party payment platform to enhance the image and competitiveness of the site, improve consumer loyalty, reduce transaction risk, will be more than one thing. Under the revelation of the third party payment platform, there will be more reasonable and more effective payment modes in the field of e-commerce, thus promoting and adapting to the rapid development of e-commerce and serving people's network life better.




the emergence of the third party payment platform, to a great extent, solves the problem of payment credit and fund security of our online transactions, and brings good opportunities for the development of E-commerce in our country, especially for the development of electronic commerce, such as Consumer-to-consumer, etc. But at present, there are still some problems in the third party payment platform of our country, such as the security of the funds in transit, the credit and supervision of the third party payment platform, and so on. In the era of E-commerce we also look forward to e-commerce more rapid development and prosperity.
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