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The last time in the blog wrote "from the domain name on today's web site" and "from the background on today's Web site", now hurriedly write a website on the analysis of the article, I hope to be helpful to everyone. Doing a site can be creative will make the site prominent in similar sites, and some of the time your ideas can get your users favor, then you win. Web site is the same reason, as a user on the Internet home page, if it is a very annoying site, it is estimated that the station webmaster set the homepage, even the webmaster are unwilling to set the homepage, how pathetic. Website site is more creative performance in the user experience, and this article will give you an analysis of the site of the original ideas.

1, hao123

My three articles are first introduced hao123, after all, he is the eldest. Web site is his idea. It can be said that the site classification is his idea. Now you can see that there is a "my hao123" link at the top of the hao123, and clicking on it will pop up a powerful custom hao123 page that uses cookies.

2, 265

There is no denying that the second is really a lot of creativity. The glasses that move on the logo are an obviously interesting idea. But the idea of weather forecasts, fast navigation, recent Web browsing, Favorites, new window opening, sorting and hao123,265, and so on is based on the user experience. At the top of 265, you'll find him. In addition to the integrated Web site navigation, as well as city navigation. Therefore, the second is still well-deserved.

3, GJJ

His ideas, I think we all know, that is the ranking, now a lot of exchange of Web site (common is those webmaster included such a site) are used to the original ranking of the creative, this idea can encourage links, but also to encourage clicks, is a way of exchange of traffic, quite by the webmaster like.

4, www.717.la

This site I saw the first sight of the thought is imitation hao123, but a serious look, in fact, there are many places and hao123 different. There is a very popular color-changing function, the function is quite complete, and each URL has a corresponding introduction page, it is estimated that the review will soon be released, but it is not clear that this is not a chicken function. The most interesting or the top of the alarm clock function, there are a few ringtones or Jay Chou's ringtone, hehe.

5, 1188.com

I also recently discovered this station, his custom is very strong, can set the page size, page color, page background, whether to turn on the weather forecast and so on, but feel the overall style is ugly, if can be a little more time that will be very good.

6, 114.

For 114 I really can't find his idea, but his web site template is very popular but it is a fact. I feel that one of the reasons is that his site templates are smart and have little impact on the user experience.

Do what website, can have a pair of originality of course is good, even the simplest web site is also so. Think of the tens of thousands of web sites, can be said to be creative but few, visible the importance of innovation. Recently heard the rain forest Wind 115, I do not know what will be the creative oven, wait and see. I wish you good luck Webmaster, hehe.

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