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The first A5 is four years ago, I learned the name of graph on a website, specifically what site has been years of age to remember. When I saw a lot of netizens talking about the king, he said very God, there is a discussion of the origins of his name, there are discussions on his website, there are also said he is 7474.html "> grassroots webmaster Worship idol 、、、、、、 Since everyone is concerned about this person, I also began to pay attention to, Baidu A5 webmaster network."

Since then I was as long as the internet will be on the A5, its purpose is three: 1, I like the Interconnection network life, 2, I want to enter the webmaster circle, 3, this information on the whole. At that time to the forum post signed with no concept. Now another reason is that the forum can be signed with.

In the past few years, I posted on the webmaster online article, with the network has a few face to face, with flying fish, black shrimp, Sasha, has left the Wei Li have had exchanges, bought a website, also sold the site, also bought a connection, of course, I was the loss of a very miserable, I was a failure of the webmaster, because I have the company, in this can not devote wholeheartedly.

In these staff, impressed me is Wei Li, graph is the idol of grassroots webmaster, I evaluation of his special busy, so want to get and he seriously communicate the time will be very difficult. Many stationmaster took him as a teacher, that is because in a long time ago his business has not been big time left a lot of webmaster, help a group of webmaster growth. Here's the A5 influence:

1, now many webmaster has A5 as a myth, the king as a spiritual mentor.

2, if the A5 home to publish an article, for the site to bring the flow is very large, according to the quality of the article to obtain the number of IP, generally in dozens of to thousands of bar.

3, in A5 published articles to get a good outside company, I have done experiments, published the article Google has achieved a good connection quality.

4, technical exchanges and learning, just start a lot of webmaster micro seo, all on A5 learning and experience sharing, and later A5 in this aspect of the article technical content dropped, shunt a very big wall webmaster to professional SEO website.

5, connect the sale, this is A5 one of the core business, but I personally feel also need to work hard to do better.

6, a lot of webmaster mixed A5 forum is to get the outside company, of course I now also, the effect is still there, but the total weight than before there is a decline. Every day is concerned about the changes in the number of forum posts, but many are rubbish articles and connections, it has become a virtual prosperity.

7, A5 's core business is the website transaction intermediary, at present domestic do best this piece is A5, but recently saw the website quality of the transaction has dropped.

8, A5 Web site has become a lot of grassroots owners of the myth of the heart, many people want to A5 this rich so that the new group of grassroots webmaster growth. Many webmasters began to imitate the road of A5 webmaster, there are a lot of webmaster in the domain name on the rise and add A5 What, I just checked a bit there are a lot of websites began to step on the road of A5 shoulder, for example:

A5 Search: www.a5so.com

A5 Weibo: www.a5weibo.com

A5 Connection: www.a5link.com

A5 Question and answer forum: http://bbs.a5-a5.com

A5 Advertising Alliance: www.a5msn.com

A5D Resource Network: www.a5d.com

A5 Internet navigation: www.admin5.cn

A5 intermediary: Www.a5zhongjie. com

A6: www.a5sf.com

A5 Flyer Net: www.a5ll.hk

List these now, of course I hope that there will be more sites alongside the A5 this rich, let our stationmaster life is rich and colorful, we compare is in the cottage, also is not in deliberate imitation, just want to dip A5 light only, through A5 influence and strength and own efforts really into the mainstream stationmaster group, A5 broad-minded Broad, Our grassroots webmaster will continue to support the development of A5 as always.

Reprinted annotated A5 Weibo: www.a5weibo.com

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