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The local portal market can be divided into three categories, namely, the local portal of the telecom background, the local portal of the media background, the new local portal (private local website, the integrated portal station, etc.), which presents four camps. Shanghai Hotline, Oriental Network, TIANFU hotline, such as local portals are not only a very large number of visits, but also has a strong profitability. Such websites generally have a good user base, good operating experience, business model, profit model is more mature, in the leader camp. To Qilu hotline, such as the representative of the central city and the developed regions of the local site camp, by the user attributes of local users, their own development experience, operational capabilities and other constraints, and the leader has a certain gap. In addition, the integrated portal of the local station also has a certain influence. These sites together form a second camp. In recent years, local portals and new urban Alliance websites in medium-sized cities have developed rapidly, but their business innovation ability is low and market performance is poor. Less developed areas, three-tier urban local sites are still in the initial stage. These sites together form a third camp.

Trend 1: With the development of regional economy, the increase of the netizen base, localization market makes the local portal on the historical stage become inevitable.

After several years of development, developed areas, mega-cities of the local portal site has been very mature, clear positioning, business model has been enriched, into the return period of investment, all aspects of rapid development. Overall, there are many two or three-line cities in the local portal is still in the incubation phase, is expected to 2007, 2008, the local portal into a rapid development period.

Trend 2: Insight into the local portal potential, integrated portal sites will increase the penetration of regional markets.

The market pattern of integrated portals has been basically stable, and the penetration of national integrated portals and industry websites in regional market has increased, which will obviously make the local portal market increase the factors of vertical competition. such as Tencent has successively in Chongqing, Xian, Chengdu, respectively, set up three local portal sites, Sina also launched the City Alliance.

Trend 3: Local portals and industry well-known web site cooperation will be wider and wider, both sides have to take.

Many of the integrated Web sites of the national business, including E-commerce, online recruitment, IT sites, are speeding up the localization component and taking the form of partnering with local portals to maximize profitability, and the trend will continue over the next few years.

Trend 4: The localization of large advertisers will further promote the development of advertising revenue of local websites.

One of the characteristics of market environment change is the demand of precision marketing. With the development of the marketing model of the market competition of various products and services from extensive to precise positioning, the all-inclusive characteristics of the national portal are not necessarily better than the local portal's "small and refined", based on local portals can be well promoted in the local and fully effective to reach the target audience, under the premise of Future products and services advertising market is expected to move towards this kind of market.

Trend 5: Government portals to integrate local resources, local government portals tend to commercial operations.

Some regions have begun to try to steer government websites into commercial operations. In this way, the government portal site for long-term sustainable development to provide the source of power, but also for the development of local portals to find the government funding support, government relations and more local information resources, for its commercial operation provides a very good platform system. Zhejiang Jiangshan portal, although less than 100,000 local netizens, in recent years through the continuous integration of local government platform services resources, can also maintain a certain level of profitability.

Trend 6: Local portal business model to diversify, enrich and localize the direction of development.

By learning from the early development experience of the National portal site which is already in the fast growing stage, and combining its profit model with its localization advantage, we can transfer the successful profit model of other people to the local market, and more to introduce the National Integrated Portal website or the local business that some industry websites cannot. Enriching the local profit model will be the future trend of development.

Trend 7: Quantitative change caused qualitative change, local portal site is expected to trigger a new round of investment boom.

Quantitative changes caused by qualitative changes, after years of accumulation, including the Oriental Network, Shanghai Hotline, TIANFU hotline, such as a number of local websites have made great strides in development. The Oriental network is even out of the news that plans to go public, the next two or three years, the local portal will become the target of capital Chase.

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