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Now for the product manager's understanding, still in a relatively impetuous process, the industry basically only publicity product Manager post advantages, focus on product managers can grasp the shape of product design, grasp the product structure. But more ignored the product manager should have the big picture and long-term vision, some people think that as long as there are ideas, there are ideas, but a really good product manager is not simply "think of ideas", through the idea of earning money that is marketing master and airport trainer.

For a product manager, the focus is on how to push the product online. Only because of your work to make the product successfully online after the work performance, if the product is not launched, online, no users to use, your idea is good, energy spending more than just no effort, others will only take your product to speak. This is a position of "the result of the King's defeat".

Boss and PM

In the work experience of the product manager, I found that there are many similarities with the characters in the journey to the westward, in the journey to the road, the role of four people is very distinct.

For example, Tang's monk is the most important team boss, his main task is to restrain the energy of the largest team in the Monkey King. As long as the Monkey King can determine the success of the team, but for pig and Sand monk, it will not have much impact. Because they are relatively obedient, will not worry about too much problem, they are more than a complementary role, not to be lacked, but their work is easier to measure and monitor, the harm is absolutely not as high as the product manager.

Design and development is very much like these two roles, and product managers are different, you can find that in a product team, product Manager and Boss is the easiest conflict, such as the Monkey King and Tang Seng. At the same time, a team, the most likely to conflict and the sun Wukong and pig, but you will not see pig, Sand Monk and Tang monk conflict, also rarely see pig and sand monk conflict.

Why does the Monkey King conflict easily? Because for the Monkey King, he is the owner of this product. His project goal is to let Tang's monk smoothly to the west to learn. In the team is also the case, product managers need to be responsible for product process implementation, and the success of the product is responsible for, so when the boss put forward an opinion, the Monkey King will also have their own judgment, the two sides disagree, natural will conflict.

The most obvious is that three dozen bones this bridge section. Boss firmly believe that bones girl is good, not so cruel to hit this sister paper, but from the Monkey King's point of view, to complete the task of the Scriptures, he must solve bones, otherwise the process can not continue. So conflict is born naturally.

Therefore, the same in the product position, a good product manager should not only be clear boss's strategic thinking, we should see the future development of the product direction. There are too many PM to prototype, but the PM of the product from strategy and future products must be the industry leader.

Product Manager: Light personal color, heavy team Trust

In the journey to the pilgrimage, sand and pig's personal ability in the Sun Wukong's background has not played out, each time plays the monster, basically is the Monkey King single-handedly fights. To know that sand and pig was also the leader of the gods, a tube 100,000 Pyle a court guard, but in the course of the process they were assigned more tasks, a guard luggage, a guard master.

It is clear that the Sun Wukong has the greatest energy in the four-person team. This time we will ask a question: is the personal color of the product manager is a good product manager? I think the product manager should be a lot of time to put the personal color lighter, more focused on the coordination of the whole team and the promotion of the project.

In the process of doing the product, many product managers themselves come up with an idea only to know the dead end, not to pay attention to other members of the team, not to think of teamwork, not to the whole team to knead well. And just every day in yy: I this idea can change the world, can sell to global, can make billions of dollars! Such people in the actual production, often can not promote the landing of products.

Although product managers often require all aspects to understand some, more extensive, more understanding of what users want, but also often understand the most afraid of the same expertise, such as 72 change this skill is the Monkey King the most powerful, but also others do not, is the state of the family. Many product managers only know the fur of some aspects, but like to the designers, developers to finger-pointing, very impetuous, in fact, in front of these professionals you have no more say, but revealed that you do not trust the team partners.

A good product manager should give play to the designer and development of the ability, and design, development to do a full communication and description, so that they understand the product ideas and goals can be, the rest is to give trust. If a product manager personal color too strong ego, team loss of trust, parties can not play out their talent, product how to move forward?

In the wave of entrepreneurship, some people will think that there is a good product manager, the business can be fully revitalized, in fact, basically difficult. A product is definitely not a product manager can do, this is a team collaboration results. If the Tang monk only the Monkey King, he also can not take the canon, because someone to carry the Tang monk, someone to pick luggage.

For product managers, apart from vision and judgment, the most important ability is communication. He should be able to integrate the team, so that everyone to develop towards a goal, although in the journey to the westward did not reflect well, but the sand monk and pig to the Monkey King's ability is more trust, so, trust on a team is very important.

Many times the potential is to be discovered, usually is a vehicle of the White Dragon horse in the critical moment can also play an important role. Golden is equivalent to the core resources, the Monkey King wins by the golden itself, when these resources for you, you can use it well, plus a good team, you can successfully complete a product.

Pig and the Sand monk

The more humane pig is very much like a designer, he can be said to be a "very pursuit" of the people, have a clear goal is to learn from success and then return to Gao marry a beautiful daughter-in-law. In many cases, he can not resist the temptation of beauty, and obsessed with the pursuit of the United States, even regardless of the cost, the original is because of the pursuit of beauty and was relegated to the Earth, is really a smile for Bo Beauty, the face of the world.

Just like designers, many designers are very direct, very perceptual, and very easy to fall into the persistent pursuit of the aesthetic interface is difficult to extricate themselves, no more consideration of their own ideas on the entire product flow, quality has no advantage, blindly pursue the United States. Not the pursuit of beauty is wrong, but in most cases, the product is not entirely by beauty, but by practical. The key problem for users is that they want to solve the core needs, do not care too much to appreciate the beauty of the interface.

For a product, the core function is perfect should occupy 50 of the success of the product, and the design is beautiful only occupy 20~30 points. Pure beautiful, but did not solve the core needs of the product is not a pass, only add the 50 points before you can pass to the point of excellence. Of course, only functional but not beautiful, it is not a passing product.

What position does the monk like? Style he is most like the code farmers, because the programmer is the most stable, single-threaded thinking, usually from a think of B, not divergent thinking, the Monkey King and pig let him see the baggage, pick the luggage he would do, he will not like pig have so many complaints.

Many times this kind of person is easily overlooked, and many people in the product team do not pay attention to programmers. But in fact, the role of Sand Monk is not easy to play, not everyone can be as hard as sand, from the beginning to the end of the unknown walk behind the team, pick the heaviest baggage. Programmers like sand, in the journey to the westward, the most work, the most hard-working, see the deepest problem is actually sand monk.

Dozen yellow robes Strange, Tang's monk to the Monkey King back to the mountain and mountain, himself by the monster into a tiger, at this time only the sand monk discouraged pig, don't let him return to Gao, and also returned the Monkey King. He was very accurate about the situation and knew exactly what his team needed.

Therefore, the development of this post like sand diligent, no regrets, although the successful project Halo is often placed on the product manager, like the last sand monk in the journey to the end of a Arhat's title. But he is indispensable, said that every successful man behind a woman who silently pay, and he is like the product manager behind the woman.

Mao face lui lei mouth, the black-faced long beak ears, blue blush, the journey to the road of the three characters have their way of enlightenment. In the product process often always look to the king of the Sun Wukong, and ignore the quiet dedication of the sand monk and pig, but there is no product is singled out horse can be successful, jobs behind the cook and Jhony. Although Tang's monk is white, but he can lead these three wizards also has his rich personal charm.

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