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SEO optimization of their own site also has a period of time, from learning to learn seo to now do SEO work has been almost 2 years, the time passed really fast, remember that time or in school to buy a book, a good understanding of what SEO is, Because at that time I know the HTML code and some simple background procedures, so some SEO knowledge is to understand, to now, SEO, want to learn good, must have a foundation, but also for SEO work must be sure.

One: Learn how to choose the domain name and space; also consider whether the domain name has been punished, before there is a certain record; then you need to look at the program and space, but this time to consider good, their own site planning, want to do to what extent, if you want to big, Can not choose to close the space, at least in the capacity, Cpu,iis, flow and so on must be judged.

Second: Know the structure of the site, the structure of the site with Div to make, there will be better results, and the structure of the site is hierarchical, I remember in the Google Administrator video, with a level of instructions to the user experience or se are very helpful, such as www.*****.com/seo/ Seozhilu, the ability to see at a glance what level this is, but also to improve the user experience, but the directory or. HTML suffixes require a certain understanding.

Third: The choice of keywords, before the site is made to visit the site keyword, is to do the long tail or do the trunk, long tail how to separate, as well as the backbone of the spirit, as the very advanced principle will not be considered, first of all to know do the station is to do the product keyword or promotional brand, but generally are selected keywords.

Four: Know how to optimize in the station; including the title of the writing, such as "Product keywords-product keywords-product keywords, the company name", this way, my company is in accordance with this modification, but my own suggestion is to write a fluent sentence, the key word repeat does not repeat is not the key, After all, it will be noisy, and then in the description of fully write clearly the meaning of title, this is the best description.

Five: There are some links and knowledge of the site itself; For example, the site has what advantages, not to mention, change the link when there are requirements, how to find good links, or let others come to you, friendship links to know the PR value, to know the snapshot, To know the site included and so on need to know the knowledge, but also understand the use of tools to see when to understand the proportion of the recent collection.

VI: Website Maintenance of the understanding, you should be able to know the importance of day-to-day maintenance, the daily update of the blog will let SE have a sense of trust, every day to climb the number of times will be more and more, maintenance, including original and false original, is the relationship between the two, the original best, Try to make the site is original so that both users and SE are friendly. In the false original process, to master a certain way of writing, how to modify, change how much space is to understand.

Seven: Analyze statistical tools and understand competitors, analysis of statistical tools is to install a statistical tool, is generally cnzz, I used the Baidu statistics, to understand competitors, to observe the situation of the optimization of the opponent, what are the deficiencies, where to do the chain, they also do, etc., for example, the recent statistics have a certain understanding, Baidu to data, there is no some garbage flow, in the statistical key words can see where the flow of the most, if someone malicious promotion brush flow, with flow tools can be traced.

Viii. understanding of mainstream promotion and recent trends, for example, the recent microblogging, a good way, about Facebook and Twitter still need not, the country does not go over the wall can not open these pages, so still do not have to try these, and develop your blog and Weibo is a big advantage.

In fact, there are many SEO to learn, but to master and must be familiar with, because the SEO is accompanied by information, where there is information on the existence of SEO. Coagulation fly Son, 20110420 (original), Chinese glass Net, http://www.glass.cn (reprint please keep)

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