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How many people do hospital network marketing need? Do not need too much, a site with three people, promotion, copywriting, art, or technology, promotion, copywriting. Three people must have a comprehensive talent, such as will promote the technology or even bid to promote, do copywriting at the same time competent promotion, and even art and so on. When the site is basically ripe, one person is enough. 6 sites with several people, a: 6 people enough. Of course, these 6 sites are in order to line up, if at the same time online, fear of fatigue to cope with the estimated overtime every day, hehe. These numbers are not scientific, the aim is to say, network marketing elite strategy. The General people will not directly say these figures, like the hospital business will not directly to the people quoted price, I said, said, and how? Nothing but you grant two sentences, also does not ache does not itch. You a batch, maybe I will have a better idea.

The qualities that a real website copywriter needs:

Good at website planning, website column planning, can apply marketing thinking and means, many types of multiple styles of copywriting planning, familiar with SEM and various ways of network marketing strategy.

The real promotion master needs to have the quality:

Proficient in technology and promotion of the link, with advanced network marketing thinking, in the marketing encounter difficulties can be flexible, realize the organic combination of methods and ideas, the pulse of the network market changes.

Copywriting and promotion In fact should also have such requirements: copywriting and promotion, to the job for the long, and good copy or promotion, can manage the site independently. Both have the ability to operate the Web site, but a little less alone, the combination of the two to achieve complementarity, with tacit understanding, grasp the overall situation, clear the road, flexible and changeable.

Art and technology, more focused on technology and tacit understanding. This tacit understanding is derived from a knowledge of each other and a working model. There is no absolute right or wrong in doing something. The site's success requires details, but one or two details are wrong without affecting the overall situation.

No matter what website you do, there is no doubt that we are in the direction of success. The success of the website, not one or two people's success, is the success of the team operation. To achieve one plus one more than two effect. Why I put forward the elite strategy, one is extensive operation, a large number of copy and paste is not an effect, can only say that is less than half the effort, and we have the means of less effort, why not? Often the more people inside the team, tacit understanding is difficult to achieve, management costs increased. This is also an element of elite strategic considerations.

Perhaps you will say, your so-called elite strategy, because refused to employ more people, others first in the volume beyond you. I said otherwise. We can collect Ah, collect and then make good changes. You said the collection is not good, even if it is, we can copy and paste ah? It's not that I've stressed the quality of the copy. The premise of doing this kind of thing is that our idea wants to live, the method must live. For example, writing can be divided into three parts: copywriting, topics, common sense, we regard the copywriting topic as important, write every article with Dim sum, but clever with the help of art and other means, let it play a full role, play once, two times, one place, two places ... We have time, the common sense to add some of the characteristics of the site induction, there is no time for us to simply change, directly Tim, such articles we can add a lot of day. In copywriting and promotion of difficult to distinguish plots, such as outside the station of various marketing methods: Community marketing, Forum Marketing, QQ Group marketing, impression marketing, soft marketing, activity marketing, blog marketing, microblogging marketing, topic marketing, graphic media and network interactive marketing, news marketing, and so on, copywriting quality is the focus, this is unambiguous. Then is the copywriting and promotion of the combination of each of them to take out their own sharp weapon, in an effective platform for publicity to play a few.

This kind of thinking basically applies to all walks of life.

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