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I used to promote and promote other sites, never for E-commerce type of Web site for the planning and analysis. And this time I chose the website of E-commerce, 114 electric vehicles to use more than one months of time to the electronic commerce and analysis of the summary:

First: Choose what industry e-commerce site. This is usually based on your hobby and niche market, and innovation and creativity.

Second: Choose a good domain name, domain name this piece is also very important. Domain name rules are: Easy to remember, easy to lose, the meaning of clear.

Third, choose a website with a unique name. The internet is very competitive, and our choice of names is sometimes more important than the domain name. Because now carry on the website propaganda can not be issued on behalf of the domain name, only through the site name to live embodiment.

IV: Choose a good program and template. This step is also very important, because the selection of a good template program for you to facilitate the operation, at the same time the process update faster, the Web site is now uploaded to the Internet is generally not easy to change otherwise not conducive to optimization.

The first page title, keyword and description of this piece is also very important. and E-commerce general channels and columns are very many, we must be in line with the home page and frequency of the relationship between the page. Generally first put the industry's most popular primary keywords. Here also does not carry on the detailed explanation, only stationmaster makes the station more slowly will realize.

Sixth: The website's channel and the column this piece is more important than the website homepage. Now Baidu on the algorithm changed, the two-level domain name and the weight of the subdirectory page is also very high. Now the homepage is counted as the key to the home traffic is very small, because Baidu is now playing ads 10 in addition to Baidu since the flow of less. At the same time the e-Commerce channel column is very many, we only from the channel page to make the keyword, the rank and the flow is very good.

How to select a keyword method:

1: We look through the Baidu index and Google Trends and other search engine indices.

2: We search through search engines to find hot keywords, and then through the search box can be reflected in the column. Generally from left to right, from top to bottom search more people.

3: We search through the search engine keyword and then see the list of the number of pages, the General page more keywords stronger, this rule is not absolute.

4: We go through your industry station to find a large e-commerce channel column to see the lower channel of information more. Ali Bar can be Heicong, as well as the site for a long time, the information is relatively large E-commerce station to see.

Summary: All the homepage and the Channel page keyword, title and description of the unified find out and listed in detail, this line carefully compared to select.

Seventh: We have to select the template program on the local computer or server to carefully operate, until the operation of skilled to upload the Internet. Because now search engines are constantly adjusting algorithm, for new stations and old station is not easy to change frequently.

Eighth: We choose to upload the new template to the Internet, and then do all the site home page and channel column page for keyword and description settings, or on the local server set up to upload good. But it doesn't matter much, it's best to change all the settings in one day.

Nineth: We choose the site included in this one is sometimes very important, because Baidu is also included in the adjustment. First of all, we want to add some original information, and then we have a lot of publicity on Baidu's favorite sites.

Tenth: We choose the website PR value, because we have spent a lot of time doing work in the first eight steps. The best way to promote a website is to do a friendship link. Although Googel to Hong Kong, but the site to change the link PR is now a lot of sites focus. PR value is usually 4 month update, we PR can be completed through 10 days and longer. Generally, the first time is from Pr=1 to pr=4.

11th: When the site contains our next step is to add relevant information about E-commerce industry stations, we can generally through manual or software to add the company. Generally through Ali Bar Heicong and other sites to add information. At the same time to add information to continue to publicize.

Summary of the methods of publicity:

1: Call your business by phone to register for free.

2: Through the Internet to find mailboxes, to the company to send e-mail to let them register for free. Generally find a mailbox through Ali bar Heicong as well as through search engines to find. Be sure to register the contents of the message when you send the message to the company.

3: By adding your industry station add QQ number, QQ group and the will, as well as blog add for friends publicity.

4: Through the peer forum to publicize and the company's website message board to message publicity.

5: Through the peer website for Friendship link publicity.

6: Through the large-scale website forum and the blog promotion, this method mainly does the search engine rank.

7: Make friends with peers to promote each other.

Summary: Different sites to the different angles to the planning and analysis. It is not easy to make a good E-commerce station, because the site is relatively large analysis and planning things more. So we have to do a long time planning and planning to arrange time. At the same time to continue to analyze and adhere to the site's content and publicity work in place.

114 Electric vehicles Welcome to exchange and cooperation http://www.114ddc.com

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