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For network marketing, there are too many Internet marketing methods, because the Internet in the form of a very large number of Web sites, what the portal, Forum, search engine, industry site, a lot of. But many people just understand that there are these things, but do not know how to use the real, the second is these different forms of their focus on where the role can play, which is now many people do not know. Network marketing is imperative, today I would like to talk about the network marketing of several empirical methods.

I. Information acquisition trump card-search engine

Search engine, in fact, who to say what web3.0 search engine is the largest web3.0, all is to take other people's information, make a summary. Then all of our netizens are going to take this information out. The search engine is a well-deserved trump card for information acquisition, because his spider program is almost impossible to gather information in the Internet. I am engaged in SEO, so its properties are more familiar. A trace of traces can be included in your Web page.

Now more than 90% of Chinese netizens will use search engines to get the information they want. So it's important to get an excellent ranking in search engines. So the bidding rankings were born, Seo was born. So based on this layer of search engine marketing method is the source of information display and the main traffic of the website.

Second, become also Word-of-mouth, defeat also Word-of-mouth-forum

Forum is a place to say three to four, in which the information is diverse, allowing people to freely talk and discuss, or even lambaste, vent. The information in this place usually becomes the topic of people's gossip. So here is the most popular word of communication, plus if people think the information here is good, lightly a copy + paste process, will soon be able to spread, so its application and establishment of Word-of-mouth is the best place. Therefore, the essence of Forum marketing is to guide and assist in the formation of Word-of-mouth.

Third, have to talk about celebrity strategy-blog Marketing

Personal opinion, especially language, is not surprising. Reached this effect, the blog is absolutely worth and the forum is to have a fight, but the different place is the blog more official nature, it is easy to form the brand effect and celebrity, because the general can use the blog to shout out the voice of the people, or to fry, or to grasp the power of the industry's voice. So the charm of the blog is the interaction between people and the Internet, whether it is infamy or the right to name or not, can form a good eye effect.

In addition, there are many other methods, but it is related to advertising, the mastery of these three methods is a basic requirement. How to properly use the above three methods of network marketing, which is what every network marketer must learn and master.

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