On the harm of transferring 404 pages into their own chain by using 301 redirects

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Today in A5 saw an article "skillfully with 301 to 404 errors transferred into the chain of the article", as for the original, we go to see, when I read the whole article, the heart can not help but wonder, when 404 pages may become the site outside the chain, in the above, the author will use 301 flexibility is very good, But the way and methods, I do not agree with the author here, so hastily write the next one, using 301 redirect 404 pages into their own outside the chain of harm caused by the article. So, according to their own understanding, where is the harm?

First of all, just follow the original ideas to write it. The original "Here said that the 404 error is not the site generated 404, but because there is a link in the chain of the wrong URL to the site so that the spider crawl error, generated 404 corresponding code." What we are going to do is turn these 404 pages 301 to the normal accessible pages so that the weights can be delivered normally. ”

The original author, the chain pointing to the 404 error is due to the outside of the site, this sentence is understandable, but this 404 error occurred, but also because of their own web site procedures decided, since there is no way to escape, for example, on the A5 page can also appear many such as Live like the suffix 404 page, Join 1.html,2.html directly in the back, that's all, but if someone is deliberately using the form of a chain to link such a page, it is also to bring links to the site, that is, at most, produce a 404 page, and there will be no other.

And the original author means how to grasp the weight of this aspect, want to the weight of the chain directly back, rather than let go, here, the author also has its own point of view, the chain itself this "Http://www.xxxxx.com/rich-snippets.htmlGFQ", This chain is linked to the 404 pages, if you take these pages 301 off, this situation and the site appears in a large number of 404 pages, and then directly to 404 pages 301 to a page of the situation is the same; then if your site has 404 pages, then in order to prevent the loss of these weights, Will these pages all 301 to the home page? This is completely not in line with the requirements of search engines, if you want to know clearly, the direct Baidu "404 page 301 to the harm on the homepage" can understand more.

404 of the treatment of the page, many sites take 404 of pages are not good to treat, some sites will be 404 pages 302 to the home page, and some will 404 pages 301 to the home page, this situation is everywhere, perhaps, they are well-intentioned, but in the search engine eyes, is a very bad practice. Why, you can find the answer directly in the Google Administrator's Guide.

Direct copy "If you are returning code other than 404 or 410 for a nonexistent Web page (or redirecting users to other pages, such as the first page, instead of returning 404), you may have problems. First of all, this is tantamount to telling the search engine through the site can find the actual page. As a result, the search engine might crawl the Web site and index its contents. Because Googlebot to use a lot of time to deal with nonexistent Web pages, you may not be able to quickly find your Web site or visit these URLs frequently, or visit these URLs frequently, thereby affecting the amount of crawling of your site's content (plus, you certainly don't want your site to appear frequently in [Files not found] Search query). "This is the 404-page quote, if you do not follow the request to continue the error page jump, it may be that your site appears a large number of the same page, the same title, the same description, the same content, and so on, and then this is the different URL and the same content between the story, as to what will happen in the future? This everyone can go to Baidu, their own to Google find on the know.

404 pages, in the site is very important, do not think a small error page inconspicuous, in fact, he has a vital role in existence, there is no existence, do not fake, in search engine serious, a little bit of change will be dug, and then unlimited expansion. Yangchenghu Hairy Crabs Group Buying http://www.dazhaxie.biz, this is what I see in this article, and then set up the Google Administrator guide, the feelings generated, hope to be recognized.

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