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Today in the SEO group has friends mentioned the original and friendship links that important, I believe that many friends have such a question, then today I am here to give you talk about my views on both, the overall concept is actually very important, but my view is that the importance of both to be divided into stages, how to say it, Then we will come to the following specific analysis, what is a link, what is original. Www.djz5.com

One, friendship Links: It is on your website, put a few words or a picture, and then connect to another you approved of the page (for example, your favorite site, or your friend's website, or for you stand relatively popular site or page), this is called Friendship link.

Links are also divided into several types, many friends, as long as the see is connected to do, we do not recommend casual connection. Why? Because now the search engine, will be to your friendship link to make a decision, do GG block know, in GG backstage have a report connection, so do connection to do high-quality connection, what kind of connection is high quality connection?

Below I talk about, do links need to pay attention to a few problems.

1. The number of connections to the site is not more than 50. Of course, the less the better.

2. With do the site, he stood Baidu snapshot is best not to exceed three days.

3. Pay attention to check the site's collection, and the time included. Note that the amount of time included in this collection, pay attention to see is the last one months or, the last year included, but also to see clearly the recent period of time included.

4. See if site is first. Position, not in the first position most of them are down right.

5. GG's friend is highly valued PR of course, PR is a certain standard of GG rating site, but is not the only, also not a certain, if, a station of the PR is very high but his connection hundreds of, then how much do you have the PR value?

6. Do the connection, it is best to do the first page text link. Try not to do picture links.

7. Note that the number of connections a day must not exceed five, the connection, long will be considered, cheating, will be punished accordingly.

Second, original: Strictly low to say original, that is not in other places, their new works. Original is to use their own inspiration and thought to write out the things that is original.

Now the search engine like original, of course, very little original, but the search engine is the machine, is the intelligence is not the artificial, even if is the person then he is not the omnipotent, thus we may think some methods, in the previous article I mentioned here does not have the explanation, if everybody has the interest may go to check, I previously wrote some. Read about the original article.

Thirdly, we analyze the definition of connection and originality, then we will discuss the importance of the two, and also answer the questions of the friends, which is important. Here are some of my observations, with experience.

In fact, both are important, but it depends on what stage your station is in.

Generally speaking is more important than the connection, but this is not the only, if your station is a new station, has not been included, even if you have in many original no antecedents, it will be useless. Therefore, in the site premise, both the weight of the site has not been up before, that connection is very important, so, in the site must have a good early connection, plus some original content, the use of high-quality connections. To attract the arrival of the search engine, it is included, if, you only good connection, no good original search engine came over it is not necessarily included. So in the early stage, the connection and original are very important, really want to arrange a position, I think, connection row first, original row second.

Late in the site, this time, I think, the connection is not so important, because your station has a very high weight, even if there is no connection, the search engine will be included, this time, it is necessary to further improve the quality of the connection for what? Because, the connection also has a function, the search engine will be to your station link quality, A certain positioning, if, your connection is the weight is very high, the site then your ranking will be very good, while the connection will bring traffic to your station.

Summing up, in fact, connection and original is equally important, only good at the same time, that Generalship will have a good harvest, but there are exceptions, such as Tencent Home,, 163 of the first page of Sina, even if there is no connection that he will have a lot of traffic, so do not absolutely, only relative, when you make a large portal site, The connection is not so important, in the absence of this step, but also please good, the good connection and original. In fact, the purpose of doing the station is not for Baidu and do not do for GG, is to do for the user, so advised friends do not put all the energy into this above, or good user experience, how to be able to put the user to retain that is the real king, such as today to 100 traffic, You can keep the inside of the 10 fixed users, then everyone count, 10 a day, that one months down how many, a year down how many??

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