On the island coffee Cyrtomium source franchise Store "roll money" disappear headquarters do not assume responsibility

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The island Coffee Cyrtomium source Shop is located at St Kay's modern city entrance, but the store is closed. On the island coffee Cyrtomium source shop closed for hundreds of days, and a large number of citizens worth tens of thousands of yuan of consumption stored value card has not been spent!  The owner of the franchise can not find, the interests of the public found on the island of coffee in Shandong headquarters, but a not soft and hard "cold" and it blocked back: can not contact the franchise store. Franchise Store "roll money Run", headquarters is not responsible? June 4, the reporter contacted the island of Shandong Coffee Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. also received the same answer: franchise for independent business, promotional methods and headquarters independent.  Experts say, on the island of coffee in the use of legal loopholes to avoid risk, evade responsibility. The public complained that the branch "rolls money runs", the headquarters is not responsible for December 2011 or so, the citizen Wang in the Cyrtomium source Street Saint Kay modern City 2 floor the island coffee Cyrtomium source Shop has handled a face value 500 yuan the expense card. In March 2012, she took the consumer card to the door again, but found that the store was closed, when her card balance also has 420 yuan.  At that time, Ms. Wang did not think too much, and then she went to the store many times to spend, but found that it has been closed and there is no sign of opening the door. Ms. Wang repeatedly contacted the island coffee Cyrtomium source shop can not, only with its Shandong headquarters in Shandong Island Coffee Catering Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the island of coffee Shandong headquarters) to get a say. But on the island coffee Shandong Headquarters is unable to contact on the basis of the franchise has not been dealt with. Branch "roll money Run", the island coffee headquarters is not responsible for it?  Miss Wang does not think, recently, the rights of women without a door to the public security organs to report, but the problem has not been resolved. Island Coffee Branch Independent operation, with the headquarters of the June 4, the reporter came to the cyrtomium Source Avenue St. Kay Modern city, 2 floor of the island coffee Cyrtomium source Shop, its 2 floor street signs and the entrance of the building is still eye-catching, but the door lock closed.  Through the glass door reporter to see, the shop area of 200 square meters, table, sofa, hanging chairs and other furniture placed in neat, bar facilities readily available. Saint Kay modern city staff said that March 2012 or so, the island coffee Cyrtomium source shop occurred roof seepage, the roof was a bubble led to power, after the store has been closed shut down. In early May, the island coffee Cyrtomium source store for the new boss, but has not opened the door to business. Recently, there are many people who have come to the island to collect money from coffee cyrtomium. Insider said, on the island coffee Cyrtomium source shop before the total sold consumption card face value of nearly 130,000 yuan, "heard is a bit back, but there are more than half did not retreat." June 4, the reporter in the name of consumers to contact the island of coffee in Shandong headquarters, staff said to its cyrtomium source shop closed the matter is not clear.  For the consumer similar situation reflects, the staff said "Cyrtomium source shop really did not", on the island coffee Cyrtomium source store belongs to the company's franchise, is independent operation, "in which store to buy the card in which shop consumption, each store is independent." For the Cyrtomium source store closed the consumer card can not use the problem, the staff said headquarters can help to contact, but the related consumptionThe loss of compensation, staff repeatedly stressed that the branch is independent operation, its promotional methods and headquarters has nothing to do, "you have to find their own money." Experts say drilling join loopholes, headquarters to evade the responsibility is understood, on the island coffee consumption card dispute has a long history.  Only in Jinan, September 2011, the island of the coffee Taurus easy to change the main consumer card to waste card; in March 2012, the island Coffee on the Hill Street shop easy to master thousand yuan consumption card into waste paper; In the earlier 2009, the Island Coffee Hanlin Shop's consumption card was inexplicably deactivated ... Outside Jinan, June 2011, the Grand Mercure Beijing Xidan Hotel on the island coffee shop closed high consumption card can not be used. Media reports of the Beijing residents of the encounter, like Ms. Wang, he has four or five times to contact the island's coffee headquarters in Beijing, but the Beijing headquarters that the store is a franchise, not a direct store, so the boss ran they can not. "We recognize the island coffee brand, they do not say which store is a person to open, or clearly marked which store is a franchise, and the island of coffee does not matter."  In the interview, the people who have benefited from the damage said that the island's coffee website shows that there are 19 branches in Jinan only, and its Shandong headquarters staff said that these points are franchise stores. Relevant experts said, now the dispute between consumers and businesses in the island coffee Shandong headquarters has been stressed that the branch is not a direct store, but to join the store.  Under the existing legal framework, to join this piece of legal liability provisions are not perfect, on the island of coffee is drilled into the legal loopholes to avoid risk, evade responsibility. Purchase of consumer card stores "deserted", experts suggest that consumers can report to the Public Security department or to the Industry and Commerce Department complaints.
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