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News web site may be a lot of webmaster think personal bad to do, the content of this piece is a very headache, and in fact, information news websites, the most difficult part is the content of this piece, but as long as the search for some methods, or can find some fast and effective content construction methods, such as through the acquisition, Pseudo original way, can quickly fill the content of their own website, and now many of the templates have been implanted a considerable scale of content, to avoid the early content of the construction of the pain.

Probably many stationmaster thinks this kind of construction content method is very unreliable, the internet is flooded with a lot of similar content of information news content, may incur Baidu and other search engine aversion, or even blocked your website, to this many so-called experts will teach new people how to engage in high-quality original content, I think this is a little sweeping, In the site before the construction, should be in the shortest possible time, on the spread of content, and then daily High-quality original, to enhance the attention of the site, this is the right way to operate.

Content based, innovative user experience

The most basic requirement for information and news websites is to be efficient, we can not like the production of a handicraft, each of the contents of the elaborate carving, time is not allowed, so we have to enhance the content of the user experience, but also to innovate an effective way, the author found a way to mobilize the active participation of users, Rely on the strength of the masses to enhance the site's user experience.

For example, we run some health information sites, at this time we can open a test column, in this column, add some test items, like the current psychological test, heart test like, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the user participation, and before testing, ask users to fill out some test conditions, These conditions are often able to become the quality of your site content, and through a variety of test play, but also to increase the viscosity of the site, improve user loyalty.

In addition, as quickly as possible to follow up the current hot topics, this can be achieved through the Baidu list to obtain, at the same time for new events, new information updates, it is best to use the form of illustrations, this is also different from other information types of websites, but also increased the experience of their own site, after all, and the image of the match, can make the news read not so clumsy, Feel very dry, with the picture clearly let the content more full degree.

To make money for the purpose of innovation profit model

Information Web site with rich content, a lot of traffic, although many of these flows are not loyal traffic, but because more, we can find ways to innovate, and now Facebook is holding a lot of traffic, but has been not innovative better profit model and suffered criticism, To avoid the pitfalls of Facebook's profitability, we can rely on our own flexibility to innovate some viable ways to make a profit.

For example, join Baidu News source, now join Baidu News source of difficulty may have promoted, but as long as there is a good content update frequency, very good user experience, a lot of traffic, or more easily through the Baidu News source audit, when joined Baidu News source, you can add some soft article publisher's team, open soft Wen release channel, Through the release of soft text to obtain profits, now a lot of news information types of websites, only the release of Soft Wen earned thousands of or even tens of thousands of dollars.

In addition to the release of soft paper to make money, you can also add some soft outside the chain alliance, of course, before entering the chain Alliance, the site should be opened outside the chain channel, and told the Plate is a special release of the chain, so that the search engine an accurate judgment, so as to avoid their own site has a large number of outside the chain, but the risk of dilution weight.

In addition, we can innovate some Taobao customers, buy the electric business model, although now Taobao customers and buy more difficult to do, but for information-type sites, with large flow can do some profiteering products Taobao customers, such as weight loss products, breast products, etc., may bring you one or two orders a day, you can get a good profit.

All in all, for the operation of information news websites, the first thing to do is to get a lot of traffic, you have to be based on traffic, and then innovate a variety of profit models, which allows individuals or smaller teams to run a large, profitable information-news web site. This article sources: How to treat snoring http://www.hao10.com/A5 start, reprint please specify, thank you!

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