On the marketing of Wang Lao Ji's earthquake events

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Wanglaoji donated 100 million yuan, is the white donation? Of course not, Baidu posted in 3 hours post more than 140,000. All the forum posts for this week were started 18 hours ago. From the content of the post, Wanglaoji's post all from the user to speak, then we can see that it is the operation of it? Post time and post IP, in Baidu bar search "Wang Lao Ji" article can know, by the way from the last to the front check IP, a lot of duplication, many of the posts are repeated.

Of course, Wanglaoji's good deeds can indeed inspire many people to post and publicize him. Therefore, for netizens to use the QQ group marketing naturally will not be King Old Kat they miss. The viral marketing effect of the network is gradually appearing here.

What is the purpose of Wanglaoji donation? Of course is to let netizens drink back, so "ban Wang Lao Ji" (is to buy the supermarket Wang Lao ji), "Drink back 1 billion" of the post naturally appeared. However, because the post time is too concentrated, many forums or delete stickers, but the patriotic enthusiasm of netizens in the post and delete paste in the process was stimulated, under the force of the group effect is blocked, or stick the administrator will have to be scolded, even if you know it is advertising stickers, so what? Others donated money.

Wang Old Ji seized the earthquake, implanted 100 million advertising fee, whether from the public relations or charitable point of view, Jianpeng must praise. With this incident, Wanglaoji also for their own new products to promote the early stage, that is, through the seemingly netizen's post said the new product will be hot.

From the events of Wanglaoji, we can see how important it is for an enterprise to make decisions when it encounters a big event. The use of consumer psychology to carry out product promotion is how important, of course, the issue of cost, is to be rewarded, if your company's new products will also be out, may wish to spend the money, 100 million can carry out viral marketing, 100 million can form Word-of-mouth effect.

So, Jianpeng that, from the perspective of integrated marketing, what did Wang-ji do? First of all, Wang old Ji integrated the consumer's patriotic will; second, old Wang Ji integrated the current affairs, that is, the earthquake event marketing, at the same time, with the help of the Wang Shi for his own style of the promotion; That's the new product they're going to launch. Finally, Wang Old Ji integrated the major media resources to forum resources, including network news and IM and other free resources. Wanglaoji, a successful implantable marketing.

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