On the mode of making money for CPA, CPC and CPS in Advertising Alliance

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1. CPC: Ad-click to pay advertising fee

The main representative of the CPC Advertising Alliance is Google AdSense ads, that is, the application of Google AdSense, you will get a string of advertising code, the advertising code on the site can be displayed:


There is a Google-provided ad in the lower right corner. As soon as visitors come to the Web and click on the ads-such as "Stock Software: Free Downloads"-Your account will receive an ad fee from the Google League. Then do Google AdSense Advertising Alliance can make how much money? In general, the Chinese Google AdSense Click advertising Price is relatively low, 1 cents-1 yuan between. The vast majority of website ads, only 1-2 cents a click (visitors click once, you can get so much money). Do Google adsense,1 million people come to your site, almost can earn 50-100 yuan. Because most people are not able to do 10000 people come to your site, so I am not very recommended to do AdSense, unless you can handle tens of thousands of people come to your site every day. Of course, your site has a suitable vacancy can also be put on, make a little money or you can.

2. CPA: Pay advertising fee by registered or downloaded quantity

CPA Advertising Alliance is an upgrade of CPC. Usually you advertise to someone else to come to your website to register or download, the Ad League will pay you a part of the Commission.

Here are some examples of CPA advertising:

Google Alliance has been promoting Firefox browser, you each promote a user installed Firefox browser, then the Google Federation will pay you 0.1 dollars. Taobao also in the initial promotion of the time, also through the Advertising Alliance to publish a CPA mission, the site to promote a Taobao users, the site will receive 8 Yuan commission.

3, CPS: According to the proceeds of sales commission payment

CPS Advertising Alliance, is to sell products-oriented web site to make money model. The emergence of the advertising Alliance docking the needs of the site and the product owner-as long as the website helped the advertising Alliance to promote a successful product, the Ad League paid the site in proportion to the Commission.

Found that a lot of doing good sites are basically doing a monthly pay, for example: You are the site owner, you can specify how much of your site's advertising bit one months, no matter how many people are put up to click on a price; of course, if your site is ranked on the same type of site and has a large number of visits, Naturally there is a need for advertisers to find you. There are more websites like industry or local type.

For the general personal website, we feel that do cps to make money mode will be more relaxed, because customer service, products are all products suppliers to provide, you can sell zero cost, as long as the publicity on the line. As long as the right publicity, there will be income; Secondly, we recommend industrial (offline business) mode of making money, industrial profit model is very strong, in the network to promote the success of a single industrial business, may have over million or even over 100,000 of the profit.

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