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Looking at the current development of small and medium-sized enterprises, on the one hand, with the help of E-commerce business routes, on the other hand, the effect of marketing communication is unsatisfactory. Still can find a right weighing method, not only let the sales performance up, at the same time can use the omni-directional advertisement to promote their products to the market. This problem has been puzzling many small and medium-sized enterprises, then what is the reason why the two can not be both?

Some analysts believe that the enterprise's marketing activities is the central link of business activities, is to ensure the survival and development of an important guarantee. The problem in small and medium-sized enterprises can be summed up as follows: first, although most small and medium-sized enterprises believe that marketing in the business activities in the important position, but a considerable number of small and medium-sized business managers are also lack of marketing concepts and business strategy, there is no clear implementation plan; Second, there is no in-depth to explore the marketing intention and customer demand, market research work is not sufficient, not clear product precision positioning; third, small and medium-sized enterprises generally do not have independent innovation ability, operation mechanism and marketing management is also imperfect, it is difficult to form effective competitiveness; Four is the marketing personnel's quality and the promotion strategy also not the same diameter, the mode of marketing and the means of promotion is also difficult to be in unison, action ideas are not unified; Five is for the effect of quick success, some enterprises in pursuit of profits, made all kinds of harm to consumers, partners and competitors interests and harm the environment and society immoral behavior.

So what channels or channels can help small and medium-sized enterprises to find some breakthrough, e-commerce applications have infiltrated into the various industry categories of small and medium-sized enterprises, through a certain e-commerce groping infiltration, small and medium-sized enterprises also obviously feel the opening of sales, a variety of business opportunities demand. However, this large part of the effect comes from the dissemination of product channels, for the promotion can have a variety of forms, such as paid services, delivery of paid news, to the media to advertise; but for small and medium-sized enterprises, the short-term effect of breaking through the payment method is the best, and in the long run SMEs will not be able to provide sufficient cost input , unless the profit growth limit can ignore cost expenditure. Therefore, the free promotion will also be the mainstream form.

This is said to be free not necessarily true free, sometimes free is based on charges, sometimes in order to achieve specific results, small and medium-sized enterprises must do so. For marketing promotion, free only for their own enterprise financial budget of an additional, usually do not have to deliberately to pursue the effect, and therefore adhere to do free promotion, the need for the promotion of patience and perseverance, but also need more attention and tolerance of small and medium-sized enterprises. Generally speaking, free promotion is nothing but to play advertising, but this kind of advertising is built in the recessive rhetoric, there is advertising content, but also not lack of valuable information, readers will be happy to read, you can say this is called soft wen.

Speaking of Soft Wen, small and medium-sized enterprises are not very good at this one hand, nor a lot to pay attention to the transmission effect of soft text. And this is just for some people who dare to write soft text or enterprises to create opportunities, especially for those webmaster, the first step to play their own website is how to promote their own website. Then the small and medium-sized enterprises in fact, more opportunities and more, only a special person to do this thing, the promotion of the effect will naturally be better, but here is still a matter of time and length. If the small and medium-sized enterprises think that this fee is not willing to give, it will definitely be a loss for the development of the enterprise itself, must not despise those who write soft text promotion behind the planners, perhaps the day the real enterprise development and expansion, will not be without their contribution.

Finally, it is said that small and medium enterprises how to do free soft text promotion, has been a lot of experience to share the article, introduced a number of soft writing methods, promotional channels, and so on, here combined with some of their own understanding to reorganize. Soft Wen Promotion, the most important I think or mentality, ability is second, writing level shepherds. Small and medium-sized Enterprises if the soft text to promote this link, taboo, halfway, really from their own products, so that readers to understand their own enterprises and products, so that people in the brain of the enterprise has a concept of continuity. Can do this, for small and medium-sized enterprises have also been successful.

As for the channel, free promotion just need to spend more energy to actively promote, in view of the article's merits and readability, the possibility of being buried, abandoned, but the writer does not have to use this as an excuse to disrupt the confidence to write down. Small and medium enterprises should also take this into account in employing people, whether the writer has the determination, endurance, perseverance, and then give their free play space. Back to the writer, now the popular soft text is nothing more than the Webmaster Network (ADMIN5), the Chinese Webmaster Station (Chinaz), small and medium Enterprises Network news, the small and medium-sized enterprises across the country network, the Chinese Enterprise News Network (Cenn), these places spread fast, the promotion effect is also good; The other is the major portals and the forum plate of well-known websites, such as NetEase, Tianya, the West Shrine Hutong, and so on, the effect of watching the click rate to speak; there is a kind of meager and blog, this kind of soft text to promote the most no obstruction, the effect is not good to say; the last one is the replies, paste, delete the promotion, this is a

In a word, this paper is for the small and medium enterprises, but also for the soft writer. The Internet to today this step of rapid development of the field, want to let it stop all difficult, we do not pursue progress, do not aspire to development, will be defeated. Small and medium-sized enterprises have realized that simply relying on traditional business model has no way to solve the current development dilemma, the advent of e-commerce, so that they more clearly see the effect of network promotion in all directions. So, the network spread will come, more and more writers embark on the road of network chasing, network writers, Granville guests will appear. Small and medium-sized Enterprises should also take full advantage of today's hot network resources for their own services, enterprise-specific soft article promotion writer will also be born. It will be a trend, not in the distant future, but now. This article by the www.youboy.com webmaster feeds!

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