On the new station to do outside the chain of the most easily made mistakes!

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have been doing the website for two years! has been doing hospital marketing website, summed up some of the experience to do the site, today and just started to do the site's new webmaster to share, the new station early how to avoid the misunderstanding of the chain of some experience! As long as you know what not to do, can not be Baidu please into the sandbox! To endure the pain of 2 months!

In the past two years, China's private hospital development speed is very fast, the website construction and marketing personnel demand is very big! Many of my colleagues went out as a network director, some do well, and some because of lack of experience, in the early stage of the construction site made a lot of mistakes! Here we will analyze the new station in the chain to do the most common problems , I hope the new webmaster has helped!

One, know it but don't know why blind hair outside the chain

I also went to a skin disease hospital as a network director, he made a work plan to me, let me give him a check, said this is to Mister Look at the website construction plan. I think he wrote two parts, the first part is the early Web site architecture, content construction, the second part is the promotion of system construction. Write very detailed, ambitious, said IP first month to 500, the chain to reach 2000, see here, I said to him, you in the first month is best not to send people to do outside the chain. So easy to be Baidu found that you are cheating, easy to be invited into the sandbox, then did not talk to him, it is estimated that he did not attract attention, because they are a lot of people, the network department has 15 people, he arranged 10 people to do the website, 5 people dedicated to promote, the intensity is very big.

Second, outside the chain cheat was found on the site included stop

Two weeks later, my friend told me that his website was included in Baidu, one put out is more than 500 pages, outside the chain of 400, I was also very happy, it seems that many people are not the same AH! Content outside the chain is very easy to get up! However, there are some worries, a site has just been built 1 months, there are 400 outside the chain, There seems to be some danger. Sure enough, and after 3 weeks, friends invited me to drink tea, complained, Baidu included stopped, snapshots are not updated, and included and the chain has dropped to a single-digit number, asked me what is going on!

Third, early promotion of excessive cheating marks obvious

Communicate with him to find that, because there is no experience, they are most of the chain in the classification information and blog, 5 promotion staff, a person's daily promotional volume is 80, the pressure is larger. So there is no guarantee of quality, we are all in order to complete the task, so some classified information, an account sent 10, almost all of the classification and blog. I have done promotion, I naturally know, these two types are the best hair! However, once the volume is too large, it is easy to be found by Baidu, start natural chain recognition, you will find out whether you cheated!

Four, do the chain is cheating must be disguised natural

After my inspiration, friends seem to understand that, he was supposed to do outside the chain is a justifiable thing, did not think there are so many problems, this time just regret did not study well, net busy with the bubble Meimei! In fact, his mistakes are many new webmaster easy to make, because do not understand the true meaning of the chain, Blind use of software a large number of hair outside the chain, the results were quickly Baidu to harmony! This must be paid attention to! Outside the chain to do must be natural, where all have, links can not have rules, outside the chain once the same rule is over. Do the site within the chain must be regular, but the chain must not rule! Only the irregular approach to natural links!

V. Summing up the lessons

Because 2 months have no color, friends were opened by the boss, the current position is not mixed, although said one months have more than 8,000 income, if you do not make the people can not, how could they give this team to you? No way, this must learn from the start again, this for the brothers now go to Tianjin. Learned from the last lesson, he in the first month of the plan, only assigned a person to do the chain, the other people all concentrate on content construction.

Hope that my friend of this story can help, remember, do the chain is cheating, must be natural, natural, do not let Baidu look out! Finally to my site to do a link (must thin weight loss thin body net http://www.bsooo.net/), write point article is not easy, everybody forgive it!

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