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The site is on the line to optimize, not optimized site is difficult to have a good search engine rankings. Site optimization to start from a lot of aspects, the site's space, the site's domain name, the site's keywords, the site's internal chain, the content of the site, the site's external chain, and so on, these are the webmaster every day to consider factors. A high weight of the site is the need for webmasters to nurture, parenting a lot of ways, today and everyone said that the site how to nurture a high weight outside the chain.

First: Nourishing soft text outside the chain

The outer chain with the highest quality in the chain is the outer chain brought by the soft text, a soft article every day, contribute to like A5,chinaz website, good soft wen can be put to the home page, can be reproduced, search engine included articles, that brings you an effective outside chain is also very much. Search engine like original things, users also like original things, so your soft wen best is original, do not fake original, such things to your meaning is not very big, and will affect the user experience, waste your own time. Soft paper quality of the chain, originating from your high quality of soft paper, so you want to keep the chain, we must raise the quality of soft paper. But now a lot of webmasters do not respect the original, often holding the article, plus their own links, so that compared to the cup. However, such people are still relatively few.

Second: Parenting quiz outside the chain

The chain of questions and answers for corporate websites, medical sites, quality will be higher. For example, Baidu know, in the know answer questions, can be adopted, plus their own links, webmasters know Baidu like their own things, the adoption of the question and answer will soon be included, so give you the outer chain is also very objective. At the same time, other people in search questions, will see your answer, and then find your site, to understand your more knowledge, so that your site PV and IP has increased. Now the outside of the chain is also more difficult to do, the webmaster in the chain, to pay attention to the details, can not directly add to the chain in the reference to add their own site keywords, site description of the domain name, as far as possible, so that others can find you on the search engine.

Third: Nurturing friendship outside the chain

Through links to the site to bring the quality of the chain is also very considerable. Website Weight Low site can find the site to do a high weight of friends chain, find friends chain can not be too careless, the details of the webmaster should notice, PR, snapshots, included, ranking, this is a cliché, but are the details, it depends on whether you can notice. Friends chain outside the benefits of the chain is not only to search engine crawl, but also to your users to bring convenience. Users in the use of your site, may want to find more relevant knowledge, then he can be found in your friend chain, so that you can create sticky users, so that your site has no outside the chain, no users. So find outside the chain, also don't forget friendship. But in this still want to remind everybody, friend chain to often check, otherwise be black a few not row come.

IV: Nurturing Baidu experience outside the chain

Baidu Experience Online also has a long time, Baidu like their products this is recognized, bloggers in the chain, also do a lot of experience outside the chain, the benefits of Baidu experience is easier through, included also very quickly, once the experience of Baidu, the quality of the chain is very high, At the same time in Baidu experience plus links than know to be much easier, at the same time the picture is also can be added to its description, watermark, increase the visibility of the site. Webmaster do not have a lot of experience chain, we do not do things, you will be able to find the essence of the chain, we are doing things, Baidu will begin to increase the strength of the audit, so that the quality of the chain to be reduced. So bloggers are still suggesting that you break the Baidu experience.

Five: Nurturing blog outside the chain

Blog outside the chain to how to raise, blog message, can add to the site outside the chain, but now the general blog will have nofollow, search engine generally encountered, it is not crawled down. At this time although the search engine does not crawl, but the user will go to crawl, to find your site, want to let that user to bring you outside the chain, that your site content to be particularly good, the user's outside the chain, is really high-quality outside the chain. Blog can also bring the outside chain is to build a blog sprocket, with the sprocket to the main station to achieve the weight of the site outside the chain of transmission, the construction cost of the sprocket may be a big point, owners can consider using free space, free things are not can not be used, to be cautious, to find stable, ixwebhosting host, free space you can try. Sprocket when the webmaster should pay attention to, if there is a station by K, it is necessary to remove this station's sprocket, to prevent relevance, affect the ranking of the main station, the weight of the main station, went to a want to use the next station instead, can not let the sprocket broken off, this effect will not be very good.

High-quality outside the chain method is very much, depends on whether you can find, for example: The forum outside the chain, the forum signature, raises the BSP blog's outside chain, the website net picks up the chain and so on, these methods are basic, as long as can grasp the method the detail, then carries on the optimization, the high weight outside chain is also very good can obtain.

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