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For the grassroots webmaster, the third party blog to the grassroots webmaster provides the most simple and convenient blog services. Free, fast, and do not need you have any knowledge of the program code can quickly set up their own proprietary blog. So now the third party blog more and more by a variety of webmaster are welcome, so with Third-party blog to do marketing webmaster also more and more.

But the operation of the third party blog is also a lot of attention, we are not celebrities, no natural popularity, so the operation of good or bad to a large extent determines the success of this blog. Here is a brief analysis of the Third-party blog operation of some of the skills.

One: Well-designed blog appearance

There's always a word in our mouth. The user experience degree, it seems that every webmaster is in the pursuit of user experience. Then the appearance of the blog is the first user experience we give to the user. How to make the appearance more beautiful attractive. First, a carefully designed template is essential. Because the template is the face of our blog, I believe that no user will refuse to see a beautiful woman. We can open a celebrity blog at will, and you'll find that almost all of the celebrity blog templates are made individually. Han's Sina blog background is cool car Subaru, Mengfei is a magnificent scenery, not a good blog will use Sina's own blog background, because it is too popular. Create a template for your blog theme or a corresponding crowd to cater to your customers.

Not just templates, blog fonts, tones, layout are due to your customers ear. Meng Fei is a middle-aged friend's favorite, so the scenery, warm tone style is low-key and steady, more suitable for this group of middle-aged people. Han is the favorite, so gorgeous black can arouse everyone's resonance. Only the face of the blog to build good, to have a solid foundation for the popularity.

Second: Fascinating blog posts

If the appearance is the outside of the blog, then the article is the soul of the blog. Here is an example to illustrate, if the appearance is a garnish, then the article is the main course. If the main dish is pickle chaff, then even if the dish is good, it is also uninteresting. So how to write good posts and get more visitors to stop.

1. Originality is necessary. Only original article is to ensure the basis of popularity. Everyone likes fresh things, imagine when a person came to your blog, see your blog is being reproduced n times of the article, he will immediately turn off your blog, because your blog has no fresh content. We pay close attention to Mengfei's blog, if Mengfei's blog every time the photos are constantly shooting at the same place, then visually tired visitors will gradually abandon his blog. Celebrities can not escape this rule, then the blog on the original article requirements can be seen.

2. Bowen must keep pace with the times, colorful. Or to the current real-time statement, or to the ancient old things to carry out a new interpretation, or to introduce exotic customs, can also be a unique view of the surface. Why do you write these things? Real-time comments are undoubtedly the most eye-catching, social events are often the focus of society, in the search engine out of the number of times far more than ordinary events. Timely write the relevant blog, let search engine included, you can easily get traffic from the SEO. Let visitors through the SEO into your blog, and your article is written very well, then will inevitably retain customers, resulting in two visits, and even many visits. No one will be interested in what you eat today, with which neighbor, so blog must be with the times, rich and colorful to the greatest extent to attract visitors attention.

3. The composition of Bowen is also careless, must not appear typos, it will appear that you are not professional. The place to use punctuation must not be sloppy, otherwise it will easily cause readers to read obstacles. Because the pause of an article is appropriate or not directly affects the meaning of this article. Focus on the place with bold words, or other colors marked, but must not make their own blog is very fancy, so it is easy to be disgusted. Text spacing as easy as possible, paragraph and paragraph between a blank line, will make readers more comfortable reading.

Third: approachable interaction

Blog to get good results, but also need to interact with the reader, a blog popularity degree, basically can from this blog is approachable to see out.

There are a lot of bloggers who like to focus on their own, to express their personal thoughts, but you have to know clearly that you are a business blog, not to express personal feelings of the small room. Therefore, many times you should put the reader in the first place, to be a reader of the readers and questions of the solution, more replies to the reader's comments and questions, to obtain a good reputation of the user, so you can get more replies and visits.

When you have a blog, you may wish to open a microblog, which is the most interactive and highly disseminated place. Microblogging blog linkage, to obtain traffic and popularity has a better effect. Blog posts can be more easily seen in time, and if your blog is as compelling as the previous one, you'll get more traffic. When the article on the micro-blog to be reproduced and comments are, like to give timely response. For example, for @ your users might as well go back and when he finds out that you are also concerned, the interactivity of the entire blog is really up.

IV: The right time for advertising

We run a business blog is necessarily to make money to profit, but the gentleman love money to take the way, through the blog to make money is right, we need is the patience of this blog operation. A successful blog behind the inevitable 10 years of work behind the efforts. Do not in a just opened not much traffic on the blog above all of a sudden put dozens of ads link. Should be the beginning of the stage is to raise the blog, write some good articles on the top, and so have a certain popularity, get some traffic, you can choose to start to put a small amount of advertising. Wait until your blog mature to a certain stage, the popularity and traffic are very rich, you can arbitrarily put ads, and only then, the effect of advertising to achieve maximum. This is a process of recharge.

Summary: A good operation of the blog, for you to bring benefits can be said to be far more than many other promotional methods for you to bring the flow is not measured. Of course, there are many ways to operate the blog, I analyze a few points if you can make sure that you can create a good blog, to win business opportunities for themselves. Hope that the above is helpful to everyone.

Also welcome to Strangers Blog question and answer zone (http://www.molublog.cn/answer) to ask questions, you seriously asked, I carefully answer. This article starts A5, reprint please indicate the source.

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