On the problem of avoiding the Web site optimization with news sources

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Keywords A brief analysis of news sources

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With the site outside the chain optimization more difficult, want low-cost access to high-quality outside the chain has been basically blocked, and the ordinary soft text in the forum published the effect is not very large, unless it is in order to get some of the potential flow, want to make the site to get a better ranking, forum class soft text often does little. So now a lot of SEO optimization staff began to look at the news source.

Advantages of using news sources for optimization

News source of the collection effect is very good, and very easy to become Baidu's homepage, and news source soft text can bring a variety of hyperlinks and text links, although through the news source is not able to quickly make their own site rankings, but because of the information about your site can be a long time on the Baidu home page, So you can get more exposure to your site, if coupled with the news source of the sprocket construction, through the low weight of news sources to the high weight of news sources, the formation of mutual chain, at this time the ranking of the site to promote a great help, but also can make your website address can be more lasting rendering on the home page.

Of course, the use of news sources to do site optimization, you have to mention the problem of investment, in general, the cost of investment news source is far lower than the investment Baidu bid and a variety of low-end SEO optimization role. Because the high weight of the news source can make the site optimization, so can get better rankings in a short time, although from the investment of funds, compared to the simple pseudo original and their own hand-hair chain comparison, there will be a certain increase, but the price is clearly higher, This is why so many webmaster like to optimize through the news source of the important reasons.

The problem of avoiding news source optimization

News source Optimization Although the help of SEO optimization is very large, but there are also easy to let the webmaster worry about things, that is, the news source itself instability, often let many stationmaster's investment big water drift, this mainly manifests in the following two aspects.

One is the channel choice of news sources, now a lot of news sources to promote their SEO optimization effect, while there are many of these platform editors hope to gain more benefits, of course, there are also some of these news source website hope that through this role to gain more benefits, But often do not want to because the release of more news source ads by Baidu down right, loss of news source, so many news source site just opened several channels for the release of news source soft, it is so often lead to these news source soft text included instability, and weight also to discount.

Secondly, the misunderstanding of the function of news source, news sources in the site optimization can indeed play a positive role, many webmaster think news source is just a chain of construction, so on the Internet to copy a variety of soft text to pieces into their own soft, and then add a variety of keywords or hypertext links began to publish, Although saving the time or money to write a soft text, but such a soft wen is included, then the rankings will not be very high, but also will not form a better optimization, because the news source soft text must have news nature of the new, this helps to continuously extend the time in Baidu home page.

The last thing to remind you is that when you're doing news source optimization, not necessarily put all the energy in the site's core keyword optimization, should realize the core keywords and long tail keyword complementary way, that is, in the news source soft text not only to add the core keyword hyperlinks, but also appropriate to add a long tail keyword links, This can make the news source soft text can play the role of two birds. This article by the Daxing Waste recycling company http://www.daxinghuishou.com/starting A5, reproduced please specify thank you!

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