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Local Home Improvement Network (decoration Network) is generally referred to in a certain area for local users to provide domestic housing interior decoration of the portal site. General local decoration Network to provide decoration information, decoration materials, decoration companies and some decoration knowledge. However, the biggest obstacle to the local decoration net profit is restricted by the area, so the website should have a detailed profit plan before setting up the local decoration net. So let's talk about the profit points of the local decoration net.

One, advertising display

This is a popular form of advertising, usually multicomputer CPM ads, but for the local decoration network is not all refers to CPM ads, because it is not per thousand display billing, but generally in the form of monthly payment. This is also the local decoration nets the most basic form of advertising and profit points. But for such a display advertising has a requirement is that the site has a certain degree of visibility or a certain number of users, otherwise the effect will be very unsatisfactory. And such advertising is generally for rental to local decoration companies or building materials companies.

Ii. content cooperation

The so-called content cooperation is actually the soft text promotion, this form is more suitable for the activity propaganda and the brand propaganda. Refers to the use of content to add red to promote the activities of the well-known or the image of an enterprise (brand). This form of advertising is usually more required to have a certain user access, or when the site to form a certain visibility when the effect will be more ideal, this form of advertising is also ancillary profit points.

Third, decoration tender

Decoration tender refers to the user after visiting the site, in the site to leave their own contact information and about the housing decoration details, and then the webmaster through a return visit to reach agreement signed decoration contract, and then the customer housing decoration such a process. Decoration tender information is generally a local decoration network a large profit point, not only can own the tender customers to develop, but also with a better decoration company to cooperate in order to seek the greatest profit. But in this process should maximize the user's rights and interests.

Four, building materials group purchase

Some people will ask what is the relationship between local decoration net and group buying? In fact, the renovation process in the decoration of the material is very much, and these materials are very expensive, so here is a huge business opportunity.

We all know that in the sales season, need to decorate the house is very many, then these need to decorate the house need a lot of building materials, then we can organize these people, and then negotiate with the merchant to seek the minimum discount of these materials. Then organize users to buy, and then take a commission from the way to profit. Building materials is a local decoration site is a big profit point, properly operated will bring huge profits.

Five, home purchase

Above we said building materials, then in so many housing decoration finished users can not have nothing right, especially after the decoration of the user for furniture, home appliances demand is very large, then you can do with building materials similar way to prevent home group purchase. This kind of activity will save a lot of economic expenses for the user, believe the user is very happy. Although it will reduce the profit of sellers, but in such a large market competition

Small profits But quick turnover is also a strategy, especially for such large group buying activities, although a single piece of merchandise profit will be reduced a lot, but such a large number of sales will let them enjoy.

For the local site's profit point also need to continue to explore, develop more profit points. However, no matter how profitable point must be to ensure that a prerequisite requires a certain user participation, and if you want to form a brand in the local must ensure the interests of users, not blindly pursue their own interests to maximize. Original from Chengdu Home Furnishings Network (http://www.550e.com), reproduced please indicate the copyright, thank you!

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