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Blog promotion as a way to promote the promotion of the network, to tell the truth, I am just a rookie webmaster, since last July contact with the network, gradually step by step sit to the present position-also as a special car sales and network optimization. Now here, the record of their own experience and some shallow experience, the initial contact with the blog, Remember, or 2004 Sina blog launched, many celebrities have joined this ranks, which the talented woman Lao Xu's blog is very famous, but also ranked and search for a higher number of blogs, seoer blog, Listen to peer network optimization experts are said to Z-blog, WordPress and other professional SEO blog, because I am not very research on the source code of the site, not a lot of understanding, no actual construction station experience, can only rely on their own accumulation of some optimization knowledge.

A few relatively good large blog recommended, such as Sina, NetEase, Baidu Space, and news, Tianya, etc., for a new station do blog promotion is also very important.

Sina as a domestic portal site, blog search volume and the number of visits and Word-of-mouth are very high, here gathered a variety of talents, if you are a beauty suggest you can write about your life and writing, put some of their own private photos, where the beauty is popular, Sina is no exception, choose a special topic, Write an article around this topic, posted to a number of large-scale portal blog, the choice of topics mainly around Baidu keyword ranking or Sogou search rankings, the search for a relatively high number of places to find a more popular keyword, like some keywords have been more popular, such as: Kaspersky, 360 security guards, Rising serial number, if you are going to do blog traffic can find some of this hot keyword to do an article, posted to your website or some large blog, in the article to set up some hidden links or hyperlinks, once someone reprinted not only bring a lot of traffic there are also a large number of reverse links.

No matter what blog, you can write soft text to bring traffic, you can use the most old-fashioned way, to visit some Celebrities blog reply message, now Online has a dedicated Sina blog to grab sofa post machine software download. You can also join the blog Federation, blog Group and blog to promote your blog, the original article you write to recommend or push to some blog circle.

can also be picked to do through the net blog, some feel more good Article modification processing into false original published to your blog space.

Baidu Space as a member of Baidu, in the weight of Baidu is relatively high, so from the Baidu space of the article generally ranked higher than the ranking of other blogs, Baidu is now the space control of the very strict, do not allow anyone with commercial nature of the use of Baidu space advertising publicity, I built five or six Baidu space, By Baidu for violating the space agreement sealed a few, only surviving to the present one, I grope out a little, Baidu Space article is the best original, do not reprint or copy paste other people's article, or honest to write articles, do hot keyword search, or do some for example friendship links, Film category, such as high search capacity of the space station, the early to do flow margin to do the original. Can also start to write the original soft text, rely on the soft text to bring traffic.

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