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Now online there are a lot of novice webmaster like to go to the Forum irrigation, at the same time like to discuss the text of the forum signature description of good or bad, a lot of webmaster will be in the crazy water half a month after the discovery of the site rankings surprisingly well, the original is unknown, now suddenly appear on the second page or even home page, the ranking after a half week to disappear without trace Many beginners do not know this is why, in fact, this is the so-called search engine sandbox.

About the search engine sandbox there is no clear explanation, can be interpreted as a search engine for the site inspection, the site placed in a no ranking place, but also can be explained as a search engine for the site punishment, remove the site rankings, the site in no rankings. No matter how to understand, enter the search engine performance is the same, then is the site will still be included, there will still be snapshots, but there is no ranking.

Whether novice webmaster or veteran webmaster, the site into the sandbox this situation is not a quick solution, only patient update patience, less than one months, an average of two months, more than three or four months, search engines will let the site regain rankings. Therefore, to enter the sandbox for the new station for the old station is painful torture.

Below love network or simple to share under how to avoid the site into the sandbox notice, I hope that the novice webmaster have enlightenment; Of course, this article is mainly to share the impact of the chain, as for other temporary not discussed.

First, do not superstition forum signature outside the chain of SEO effect

Now a lot of novice webmaster do not know how to do outside the chain, that the chain is to go to the forum post, because the post can be signed, the front is outside the chain. In fact, this understanding is not much wrong, but it is worth noting that the forum signature is not as good as before, there is a novice often do not know how to control the number of posts, every day posting replies hundreds of times.

Even if only half of the posts are included, then there will be dozens of more outside the chain, such a chain will not cause the search engine attention? In addition, some forums to buy signature cards, users have to send out the chain every day, so that every day will increase the same place outside the chain, the same will let search engines feel suspicious, Which may be put into the sandbox.

Second, do not be obsessed with the outside chain query tool to increase the chain

If you often query the outside chain of the site, you will find a lot of sites outside the chain have query results page, simply to query the site to inquire about the situation of a site, this will give a site to add an outside chain. A few people made intelligent inquiry tools, including thousands of search websites, you can access these websites in turn to query your input URL, so you can quickly add hundreds of or even thousands of of the external chain of the site. This increase in the effect of the chain is, for the new station is tantamount to extinction, perhaps because of such a query into the search engine sandbox.

Third, do not easily exchange High-quality full station links

There used to be a quick way to improve PR, in simple terms is the Exchange Total Station link, if the whole station link PR is 2, then each page will be PR2, so it is equivalent to have hundreds of or even thousands of PR2 pages to support you, for the new station, such support may make Google make the wrong judgment, So that your PR quickly increased to 2 or even 3. Of course, now the significance of PR is not enough, so do not say. In fact, the consequences of this practice is probably not the PR fast upgrade, but into the sandbox, love is not the net has been for this reason into the Baidu sandbox two months.

Four, do not think that the chain will be included in the effective

Although many forums are now expressly prohibited in the replies in the text, many people will still risk the number of letters in the reply to add a description of the text; these people do so, the main still think that as long as the post deleted by Baidu can be considered effective outside the chain. In fact, the current Baidu will not only include the Web page, but also update the Web page, like my Love does not network, some time ago, almost all the internal page snapshots were updated to August.

A small station will be updated so much, not to mention the site, as long as Baidu next update found that the post was deleted, then will replace the previously included pages, the chain will be removed. If you do such a thing often, then the outside of the site chain will always fluctuate greatly, it is easy to be targeted by search engines.

Five, do not easily in Baidu a large number of junk outside the chain

Baidu is different from Google, Baidu has a lot of their own products, the weight of these products are very high, whether it is Baidu Bar, or Baidu to know, or Baidu space, or Baidu experience, or Baidu Encyclopedia, these are SEO personnel of the battleground. Love does not net that users use Baidu products to do when the chain should be enough, not too much.

Like a lot of people have been posted in Baidu bar or Baidu know hair outside the chain, such practices will only let the site be punished. As for Baidu Space, the same to be extremely cautious, now Baidu space is very easy to be sealed, love is not net has been sealed off two or three Baidu space, fortunately each space do not have many outside the chain, or loss of many outside the chain site will be punished.

For beginners, the reason for the site into the sandbox is mostly due to the abnormal increase in the chain, reduce, because the revision or change the keyword into the sandbox is not likely, those operations will drop the right to a few days or two weeks, so if you want to avoid the site into the sandbox key or to control the site outside the chain changes, do not change too slowly , do not change too quickly, naturally increase the chain will give search engine more goodwill. This article by the Love Not Net (www.aibue.com) stationmaster original, reprint please specify, thank you!

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