On the reason of the decline of website rank from the angle of SEO

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Site rankings related to the survival of the site, when the search engine algorithm to change or strengthen, it will lead to some of the site keyword ranking decline or include the disappearance of the page, or should be said to be the search engine in the filter violation of the page content. The disappearance of the Web page represents a search engine penalty for the site, while giving warning, if a wide range of pages are cleared, then the site has a crisis.

If the site is the search engine k off reason analysis:

1, the server often fails, resulting in inaccessible.

2, the website Robots.txt writes the question

3, the use of optimization techniques to seriously cheat.

If only part of the page disappears or leads to a drop in rank, it may be due to the following factors:

1, the optimization of improper practices, by the search engine down the right.

2, the search engine calculates appears the adjustment causes the keyword to descend.

3, search engine algorithm adjustment after the original site optimization and the existing algorithm rules conflict.

Here are some detailed reasons.

1, the site by the search engine to clear or down the right is likely because the server is often unable to access the cause, or with the IP appeared one or several down the right to be blocked off the site.

2, whether the site used robot.txt file, whether due to the writing of grammatical errors so that the search engine can not access your site. If there is no special need, you can not place the Robot.txt file, because by default the search engine is included in your entire site.

3, whether the site template, keyword, or the program made a large floating changes. For example, modify the "Title,meta" and other keywords.

4, whether the domain name has made a turn, at some times the search engine is very resistant, if the steering is to optimize the site, it is recommended to use 301 turn.

5, your external links whether meaningful, many webmaster often hang some small web site links on their own website, but hang up after frequent replacement. or several links to the same Web site or IP address, then may be the search engine to do cheating.

6. Whether or not to be sealed off or cheat website did a friendship link.

7, the site is too low originality, the original site is the original content, on the other hand, the template is the same as a large number of sites.

8, from an old domain name to the new domain name.

9, whether the site is hanging on a large web site advertising expired and was put off advertising. It's no surprise that your link is on a large web site that will undoubtedly improve your ranking, and vice versa.

Analysis of the reasons for the decline in ranking, to make a summary, then for how to improve the ranking of the site made a positioning reference. In addition, as well as effective promotion methods and site content updates, I believe that the site will be on track. This article is a personal view, for reference only! The article is written by the binary network original. Www.zzqmzg.com,A5 starts.

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