On the relationship between network marketing and electronic commerce

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Some people say, network marketing is electronic commerce, this kind of statement although not correct, but also have certain reason. So what is the relationship between the two? From a network marketing practitioner's point of view, Network marketing is to sell things online, research how to sell, how to sell faster, more.

If from the pure theory point of view, the science which wants to define, must involve many debates and the different angle explanation, this has no relation with the practice.

Some scholars think that internet marketing is not so simple as selling things online, there should also be the establishment of brand, promote offline sales, customer service and other meanings, and these meanings are still all boil down to how to sell things on the internet, the establishment of brand on the network, of course, is one of the functions of network marketing, but the establishment of a brand is what to do? Nothing but selling.

Promote offline sales is even more so, regardless of the final location of the sales site is the website or the physical store, or through the phone, as long as the network marketing in which played a role, the final result or sell things.

The provision of customer service, in fact, is also to sell things, assuming that a customer after the purchase of products or services, it is impossible to buy a second time, and not other products related to the impact, then this customer and the manufacturer of all communication, is to reduce business profits.

From the merchant's point of view, the ultimate goal of providing a good after-sales service for this customer is to make this customer satisfied, thereby generating more purchase behavior, or helping to spread the positive message to others, helping the brand to establish, produce the effect of word-of-mouth marketing, and eventually sell more things.

A brutal fact is that if you do not want users to buy again, or want users to help Word-of-mouth marketing, or at least hope that the user not because of dissatisfaction and spread negative news, the vast majority of businesses are not interested in providing good after-sales service, it sounds cruel, but it is true, so internet marketing only one purpose, is to sell things, Way is online.

E-commerce is the whole process of selling things online.

E-commerce covers a wider range than network marketing wide, to carry out e-commerce, in addition to selling products, but also involved in procurement, logistics, distribution, personnel management, Web site technology issues, network marketing is only part of it, but network marketing is one of the most important part.

The core of any business is marketing, the core of E-commerce is Network marketing, once in the marketing book has a joke, a company president to the Chairman complained that his salary is not marketing vice president of the high, the Chairman said, if there is no marketing vice president brought orders, you do not need this president.

This reality is reflected in many companies, where the salary and treatment of the marketing department is the highest in the company because it is the department that brings orders and creates revenue for the company. Of course, this is not to say that other departments are not important, product development, technical support, finance, personnel, for a company's health operations also have a significant impact, but it is undeniable that the hardest thing is to sell things.

Web site is the most important place for E-commerce, but also the most important tool of network marketing.

The beginning of e-commerce in fact does not happen on the site, but in newsgroups, as well as e-mail, but when the main battlefield of E-commerce has been transferred to the site, purely by email, forum, as a platform to achieve e-commerce goals is very low proportion.

So the promotion of the Web site to become the main content of network marketing, simple summary, network Marketing is to study how to sell things online, E-commerce is the process of selling things online, the site is the main place to sell things. This article by the specialized provision weight loss method weight Loss website http://www.zhengdian.tv stationmaster to provide, reprint please specify to thank!

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