On the root cause of the gradual disappearance of some independent blogs

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Since the popularity of the independent blog has been more than 6 years, although the radish fish saw some new famous Bo rise, but more is a number of passionate personal blog gradually disappeared from our view.

Blogging is about sharing things you're good at, professional, or at least your hobby. Whether you're a web designer, a web developer, a writer, an online marketer, and so on, you must know what will cause the standalone blog to fail, to avoid making the same mistake when running a blog.


Whether you're a new blogger, or you're starting to build your own blog site, the turnip fish emphasizes that the problem is serious enough to threaten the success of your blog. The following radish fish will take you to analyze the operation of the independent blog should pay attention to matters.

Opening your blog site prematurely

In this open source Internet world, build a blog platform easy, buy a domain name, purchase a space, download a wordpress blog program, looking for WordPress theme, half a day is enough for you to build a beautiful page of the blog station, but do you have an audience? You might say, one weeks from now, My blog has an average of 50 visitors a day. Well, maybe Radish fish should say that this data is more than 0, right?

Radish Fish personally feel open their own blog site before the first reserve a certain amount of blog original article, think about it, after the installation of the blog program, your site's skeleton formed, but your meat? which visitor will see the empty skeleton? Even if you bring some visitors through social media, commercials, etc. But what do you have to do to keep your visitors? They are all your potential fans, and perhaps after this event, they will never come again for the second time. In fact, radish fish radish Home network There is this problem, this is also a reflection of radish fish.


Second, "introverted" blog

Many new bloggers tend to focus on their own blogs, not knowing whether their blogs will attract tourists or not, and not the right marketing. Marketing your own blog is a rather heavy task, and it takes longer to work than writing the article itself. Radish Fish summarize several small ways to help you attract enough visitors and increase your chances of success in your blog:

1. Use social media. such as Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo, happy net and so on.

2. Enable email subscriptions. e-mail marketing is very important, although the domestic current e-mail usage rate is relatively low!

3. Join the online Community/forum. Small to Medium blog, I suggest you to join the Independent blog directory. There are thousands of blogs that are happy to help you improve your blog's popularity. You can answer questions and share some valuable content.

4, comment on the response. adhere to and some small and medium-sized blog Webmaster Exchange experience is your quick access to other people's successful experiences of the best way.


Iii. fear of learning new knowledge

If you have a blog, or are preparing to build a blog, you should at least have a basic understanding of how the blog site works. Maybe one day, just because of a wrong plug-in and cause your blog to suddenly stop working, you don't have to burn.

Your blog will not go far, if you do not need to understand the content of the words:

1, you do not know how to adjust the design of your blog, not every moment have friends to help you adjust the free.

2. You don't know how to install a blog plugin or theme.

3, you do not know about the Internet site operation process.

4, afraid to try some new ideas.


From now on, you should start learning something useful, such as some expertise related to your blogging system.

Hey, finally, radish fish hope you never have to ask yourself why the blog failed that day. This article by Radish Home Net http://www.luoboju.com original, reprint please specify.

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