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To do the site optimization we first need to clear a concept: participation in the ranking of individual is a page, which is the nature of the homepage is a page.

So what is the nature of rankings?

Ranking is the essence of the sort, only the number can be sorted, such as watching two students who study good, in essence, two students to the test results converted into numbers, and then compare. This approach also applies to site rankings. Search engine The various performance of our site into a score, these points add up to get a page quality score, that is, the so-called weight. Put the site according to the weight from high to low ranked, this is the essence of the rankings.

So what are the factors that affect the quality score?

Page Signal-to-noise ratio:

Page Signal-to-noise ratio refers to the page inside the body and not the text ratio, the page signal-to-noise ratio of at least more than 1, the page is not the body part of what we call boilerplate text, and the model text is almost the same. A lot of friends of the Site content page text Only one hundred or two hundred words, so the signal-to-noise ratio is too low, will lead to the search engine in the eyes of the page repetition rate is too high, page repeat rate if higher than 80%, will lead to fall right.


refers to the page and other sites on the Internet page height repeat. If an article, on the internet has been flooded, the search engine is clearly not repeated the need to collect. For users, this article, users can look at Sina NetEase, why do you still want to see it?

As a well-known blogger said, "We speak of scarcity, not equal to no duplication, for the main content of repeated pages, we should evaluate whether there is site gain and content gain, only for a large number of completely no gain of duplicate pages, we should think its scarcity degree is low." The quality of the page is a manifestation of the degree of satisfaction of the demand. To judge the quality of the page, should be from the most basic needs in turn progressive. Site to have a certain degree of stability, access to the speed to be satisfactory, the main content is complete, layout and font is easy to read, all kinds of advertising will not be too much, browsing experience poor and so on. In improving the quality of the page will often increase the added value of the page, so that the effect gain, so that the page is more scarce. So here will be scarce and page quality to bring together to say.

For example, other people's web page loading slow, your fluency this is your advantage; For example, other people's layout is bad, many typos, color uncoordinated, but the content is very valuable, you can do typesetting, correct typos, reasonable with color; For example, although the article is very good, but can still keep improving, you can delete some useless, The article is purely theoretical, you can add some of your own experience, give some examples; if the article is not very complete, you can be a good one. Some relevant content will be improved; and for example, there are 2 articles on a topic are very good, you can put 2 of the content with their own ideas to join together and so on, in short, Success in borrowing the results of others is not to let you copy, but to enlarge its advantages, to make up for its shortcomings. And this amplification and make up the process will make this page scarcity and page quality greatly improved. This page will be more popular with the search engine and user recognition. ”

Link Control:

Link control is divided into two points: number of links and nature of links, the number of links is very simple, the weight of a page is fixed, and links can be transferred weight, links more, each link transmission weight lower; and the nature of the link, is a lot of friends ignore, many friends like in the text to add keyword anchor text, pointing home. In fact this is a link cheat, because this seriously interferes with the user to read. A natural link should be guided, such as you think users need to know where a referral user to read, or at the end of the article to add a "read this article readers also saw ..." ”

Page views

A page if no one to see, Baidu is necessary to include it? The answer is self-evident. Because Baidu is fastidious self-interest, a page has user browsing, and the response is good, Baidu can get good customer satisfaction. The use of Baidu's talent will be more and more, Baidu's share price will rub against the rise.


Today we talk about page quality score, in the final analysis is actually the user experience. From the point of view of the User: a page if the text only a few words, and the other entire layout is advertising, or some of the useless things to me, and then this article NetEase have read, read the article when also often late to the inside link. I'm sure I'll close it right away. and Baidu's ability to crawl is limited, he is based on large data analysis that users do not like these things. Do not include these spam pages in advance.

And Baidu's self-interest, is also understandable, we are not all self-interest? Otherwise, why do you want to do SEO? Conversely, Baidu's self-interest can be used for us, this is the need to promote drainage.

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