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Before A5 wrote a "rookie SEO primer to see an article" article, I simply said the choice of domain name skills and attention to matters. So when you choose the right name for your own domain, you have to consider how to set up your site URL, that is, how to build a search engine favorite URL structure. So this article I will say how to consider building a high-quality URL structure.

As we all know, there are basically 2 kinds of URLs on the internet, one is dynamic form exists, such as: there are many meaningless symbols and some parameters in the URL. One is the static URL. In comparison, as a search engine, it is more inclined to the static URL. What we advocate most is that URL static. Why should it be static? Because according to our experiments and the search engine's own response, it is not effective and efficient to check the dynamic URL of the site, the information on these non-static sites are not as good as static URLs. Although some search engines now say that they can read and rewrite the URL, but I personally suggest that the Web site URL should be static. This is friendly to the search engine, but also to the user can improve the degree of user experience.

One advantage of using static URLs is that they can contain keywords that are meaningful to search spiders and site visitors when used. and static URLs are easier to read because they usually contain a few words or numbers without some meaningless identifiers and some arguments.

URL construction to be in the production site to consider, to consider how the site to grow, how to give your core page to name. Communicate effectively with the site designer to let him know what you want to do with the URL structure so that the designer knows how to make sure the URL is as effective as the other elements of the site.

The best thing I have to say is, even if your domain name selection still has a lot of deficiencies, but also to ensure that your URL structure as simple as possible.

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