On the setting skill of navigation system in optimization of website structure

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Webmaster, how much do you know about the navigation system in the optimization of the website structure? The setting of the navigation system has great influence on the optimization of the website structure. The clearer the goal of our navigation, the more it fits the user's experience. Humanization point of view, the Web site navigation is similar to the role of vehicle navigation, indicating goals, so we have to consider from two aspects how to navigate the system.

From the user's point of view, the 1th user may be from any one of the pages into our site, the navigation system to do is to clear at any time to let users know where they are in the site. Because the site opened several pages, the user has been dizzy, do not know how they point into this page. Therefore, we design the best unified style of the page, the use of breadcrumbs can help users accurately determine where they are.

From the user's point of view, the 2nd navigation is best to guess the user's next goal, to lead the user to his ultimate goal there. That is, navigation to have the guidance of the role, we can reasonably assign the type of navigation name, add the relevant links in the body, the user to guide the collection of buttons, related product recommendations, site search box and so on to give me our customers to do guidance. For example, the following figure:


SEO from the point of view of the main focus on the five O'Clock is the text navigation settings, inside and home page click Distance Control, navigation how to set the key words, breadcrumbs and the use of navigation and footer remember not to accumulate. The following small series to the webmaster to say how the specific operation.

First of all, we have to set the text navigation as far as possible to use the most common HTML can be, navigation do not put the picture plus navigation links, Flash is not, JavaScript generated navigation system also do not use, because if you set up, for the search engine is a barrier, Navigation system is our entire site included in the most important within the chain, we can use CSS well, the design of the effect is also good, background and text color can be changed, as well as with the Pull-down menu and so on

Second, the internal page and the first page click Distance Control question, in the end is how much distance for good? Three words: Flat. To reduce the level of links, reduce the level of links, the user experience and the total number of page links do not add too many links. Do this in the page from the first click on the homepage will not be more than four or five times.

Again, the navigation do not accumulate keywords, anchor text directly linked to the target page, so try to use the target keyword to name the classification. Webmaster use breadcrumbs to make the site structure very clear, strongly recommend that you use this kind of navigation, especially large and medium-sized sites.

Finally, is the footer keyword, the search engine is very objectionable is the footer piled up, set bad will be punished. The effective methods of previous years have been bad for today. Site structure optimization of the navigation system is not the same as the footer settings, this should remind webmaster attention.

In short, about the navigation system to set the skills of a simple introduction to here, I hope everyone put forward valuable advice, because SEO is constantly developing, we want to continue to advance in the road of SEO!

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