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For the duration of the website, I spent most of my time doing publicity work. Although there have been previous promotional experience, but can not get the actual operational data, so the experience in this area is still blank, do not know how the achievement of the work. Today, I personally run the Web site, filling the previous experience in the actual operating data gaps. Now take this experience and share it with your comrades.

1. In the promotion of the Forum.

In the Forum promotion, has been a dispute computation company: sends 5 pastes =500IP. Therefore, many novice in running their own website, often use the most effective, most stable way to improve the traffic, that is the forum to promote. Generally speaking, in the forum, a day IP volume is more stable, around 500, and this does not include other aspects of the volume. Forum promotion also need to pay attention to efficiency, to be easy to post, thread many of the forum operation, but also attention to grasp the time period of posting, this is very important things, because in these two time period visits the crowd is the most, the traffic is ferocious. The best time period is 10:--12:00, 2:00-4:00. Master the tips of posting, now it is time to learn the most important post content: Post content. In general, the content of the post should be based on the nature of the site to decide, a good post content, such as a good soft wen, can give you the promotion of positive effects. Now for example, an entertainment test site, the content of its posts should also be associated with the test, and post to pay attention to the skills: to give users enough room for initiative. This can arouse the user's curiosity, the mind has been led down. Of course, it would be better if you could add hyperlinks.

2, QQ group promotion.

This is the site to establish the beginning of the means used. When you start to do your own website, publicity is a difficult problem, and this is the crowd you think must be your friends and relatives. At this time, QQ has a great role to play, you can in your friends to advertise their website. Although the number of visits achieved by this method is very small, it can achieve some results. So if you decide to take this promotion, you have to prepare early, build a few more groups, pull people into the group, and then put some meaningful article on the site test and so on to the group, for friends to click. After that, you can also in their own website will be hot words and hot things for false original. And then send their own results to the QQ group in exchange for short-term limited IP volume. Such promotion is only short-term, not sustainable.

3, micro-bo promotion.

Weibo is now a household name, its fiery degree other items are difficult to reach, so it is also a necessary means of promotion. You can open Weibo on four major portals and complete the formalities required for registration. On Weibo, you can update your articles daily for other people's visits, but this must have a large number of fans, otherwise the effect is very limited.

In short, the above three kinds of promotion methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, hope that the vast number of friends can combine their own site traffic characteristics, to find out the stage of their own site, fully combined with the use of these three ways to promote the advantages of more IP volume. This article A5 the first, reprint reserved author link hi Le Che http://www.hilechao.com, thank you webmaster's cooperation and support.

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