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Soft writing has always been a headache for everyone, because there are too many stationmaster because of "literary talent" bad and Lost in A5, Chinaz and other AdSense platform to show their opportunities, yesterday, and some friends complained about their writing skills can not, repeatedly try not to. In fact, the original A5 submission is not so difficult, remember that when I first started to do the site, to A5 contributions are very easy to pass, but that is already 2010 things, to tell the truth after several years of development, now A5 contribution is indeed more difficult than ever, but everyone is not no opportunity to publish an article, After all, A5 main station is a platform for communication, no one to contribute to that how to do? Perhaps people will say I am sarcastic, to the beginning to the end did not explain how to write soft wen, in fact, the solution to the problem is very simple answer, we can get the answer from the A5.

The article is more easy to learn and more operational.

We have time to see A5 previous articles, space is very small, the content is relatively simple, refined, and the recent article average of more than 1000 words, this is not to say that the more words the more the better, but the article should have a minimum of ease of learning. Previous articles are simple introduction of the site construction of a little experience, and did not do a detailed introduction, not to mention the case map, if you continue to write this article, Lim can be very responsible to tell you that your article will not pass. Simple to detailed, from less to many, A5 article development trend tells us that the article is not dead things, this is an experience of sharing, we should be more practical things to copy into the inside, rather than simply by precept and deed, and often stroll A5 webmaster know, Now we can learn from an article that the best way to optimize the site or to understand the latest industry information, which is the result of the development of the article, more practical than ever.

The view is more and more unique, basically no similarities

Lim originally do the site to write articles, it can be no exaggeration to say, at that time A5 article overlapping content quite a lot, take "Search seo" column, just talk about the site space selection skills There are 3-5 articles, and now A5 daily through the manuscript, we can hardly find out which two articles is a type of thing, This suggests that A5 is now increasingly valuing the uniqueness of ideas, in fact, we all understand that SEO is so little things, if only to talk about the importance of content and chain building, there really is no special value, because now SEO is the national technology, some basic things do not need us to repeat too much, At this time some of the idea of introducing eyes and ears is the need of "market". Say some web site building tips, or publish some ideas about the current industry development, or even to subvert the traditional impression of the view can also. However, Lim is not suggesting that you say any words, you have to have sufficient theoretical support, otherwise the article will only let everyone more spit.

Not just to guide readers to read articles

This guide is not to attract you to read your article, but to guide the reader to discover, and even guide you to actually operate their own website, ahead of the industry to predict the development trend. In fact, there have been many similar representations recently, "Baidu big update knell for who to knock", "rejection, Baidu where to" and so on, the author of these articles through and its explanatory data and cases tell in the current environment, the webmaster should be all the energy on the SEO, read after, I think any reader will take the initiative to change or improve their own web site management ideas, rather than purely as a reader, after reading after learning to forget, and this is A5 now the biggest feature of the article.

The communication between the authors and the continuity of ideas are significantly enhanced

This is a very successful A5 development, for instance, some time ago, an author published a "SEO dead social real-time content of the road", this article, the next two days there are more than 10 webmaster to this article detailed interpretation, there is said that social to become the focus of future optimization, There are said in Baidu a single big today, good search engine optimization is still important, there is said that the user experience as the key point, in a word to share what the point of view of friends have, but the speech is not intense, but are in the previous analysis of the author on the basis of further state their views, so that everyone formed a continuity of thinking, Through the efforts of the people to put a phenomenon of the most essential things layer by step, and this is what you and I write the most needed in the article.

A5 articles have a knack, and the trick is to share your ideas in words, to make them truly useful, and to feel your sincerity. Above from my website the most safe and fast shopping bar http://www.feishengke.com/, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.

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