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Webmaster daily to the site to do outside the chain, but many sites have limited the use of hyperlinks, natural webmaster will be back to choose the text form of the link. Many webmasters have said that the text-only link for SEO optimization does not work, but in fact, I think at present, to add a plain text link to the site SEO optimization still has a little effect. At least can improve the site's exposure, ah, and the webmaster know to rely on the chain to improve the site rankings, increase the optimization of SEO results, the natural end of the waiting. Today I share a few insights on the role of plain text linking.

One, plain text link can increase Baidu related domain

Webmaster in the query site backlinks, are deliberately looking at the chain of Baidu, and the so-called Baidu outside the chain is also related to Baidu domain. Therefore, the webmaster in the query reverse link is in the query Baidu related domain. We all know that in the Baidu use domain commands are often found in the text form of the reverse link, which is the expression of Baidu chain. If Baidu does not care about, then why to appear this factor? and the site has a large number of Baidu related fields to the weight of the site rankings have some help. Therefore, a part of the webmaster think Baidu related domain does not function, in fact, the most important is to see relevance, the more relevant Baidu related domain can also promote the site rankings.

Two, plain text links can improve the site exposure rate

The so-called pure text link is to address the form of display, like now the webmaster registered domain name, are through the combination of Web site type keywords to register, nature through the domain name can also know what type of site belongs to. This way, even if not through hyperlinks, as long as the release of text links and site name, the same can let users know their own type of site, and through a wide range of promotion of their own web site can be more effective to let users remember their own web site, so that through the form of input web site to visit Of course this requires your domain name to be easy to remember and short. Like Baidu, 163, Sina, Soso and so on, a look at these Web sites will know what the site. So, back to 10,000 steps, even if the text link can not improve the ranking of the site, for users to remember the Web site, through the direct input URL to visit the Web site is also very large role. and a wide range of promotion of their own web site, you can make the Web site from the formation of a brand effect, which for even if not rely on search can also get traffic is very effective.

Third, high-quality text links can also improve the site rankings

Now very hot soft text to promote the site, its final form is not exactly through the text link to promote it? When the webmaster leaves the copyright origin explanation, it is through the link of the text form to promote. And as long as you release the platform has a certain weight, the natural release of soft text through the audit after the role is also considerable. Like the composition of the Webmaster class of soft paper to the Webmaster class site, by leaving the text link to bring the role of the webmaster will be ignored? And as long as the weight of the release platform is higher, naturally to improve their site ranking more helpful. Therefore, the pure text link for SEO optimization does not have the effect of the argument that there is no strong evidence to support. If the webmaster all said that the text link to improve the ranking of the site does not work, then there will be a webmaster to choose this method of promotion? and webmaster to the site to do SEO optimization is not the purpose of their own site ranking more forward? The same text links can not help the site to promote rankings, then the soft text promotion will not be so hot. So, text links can also improve the site rankings, the key is the quality of the link.

When the webmaster views the text link, do not have preconceived idea. Hear others say plain text links for SEO optimization is useless, no matter 3,721 follow yell. Everything has two sides, the same way he can succeed, but you use but failed, do you also say this method has no effect? Too subjective a judgment is easy to let you lose the core idea of things, I suggest that webmaster should learn to look at all things rationally and objectively. This article by Http://www.qktsw.com Universe Shuwang Net exclusive feeds, reprint please specify, thank you!

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