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In fact, every site at the beginning of the time should be positioned good keywords, in the beginning of the dream place, there are traces of us, in fact, the choice of keywords and positioning of the moderate in our planning site, the construction of the site, and the site is about to start, quality is in their own positioning of the keyword, For example, we want to do Beijing seo this keyword, it is necessary to locate the backbone, whether in the future promotion stage, or in the optimization phase, and so on, all around this keyword and start, when the keyword selected, to do a good job next. So how do we better position keywords, and how often do we face the keyword problem?

1th: Positioning Accurate keywords

In fact, there are many forms of accurate positioning of the keyword, website theme and keywords are closely related, a topic has a keyword positioning, do not cause the subject and article content has different keyword positioning, that is, content must be around the theme to maximize the maintenance of the theme of the site, It's the same thing on the seowhy. Accurate positioning of keywords, website construction company is the website construction company, and give full play to their own construction of the advantages, and around these keywords do some long tail keyword distribution, for example, website construction professional firms, local + website construction companies, and so on, will have some benefits, around the theme to locate keywords, will make your site more effort.

2nd: Don't select too many keywords

A Web site A theme, itself is this, but the keyword does not have to choose too much, too many keywords on the theme of decentralization has some shortcomings, but can be positioned after the theme, the derivation of the keyword, here is derived from the theme similar long tail keyword derivation, Instead of unrelated topics on the same site to optimize, that the culture of the site is a challenge, only when the theme of the site focused on the focus can see more weight concentration, will highlight its own advantages.

3rd: keyword density positioning

On the keyword density positioning, we can often see, for example, the following figure,

Jewelry Nest, now only 2 left, the other seems to have been k off, this should also be good for the keyword density, in the title of the keyword, in the description of the key words, and so on each behavior, are cheating behavior, this behavior once found, directly negative, se do the principle of the station seems to be like this, In other words, do not accumulate keywords in the site, include locating keywords in the ail attribute, such as hiding more text with hidden text, so that SE can better understand, this knowledge, density is an aspect, in a long time, may also be useful, but now once easy to find the situation, So do not stack keywords, what to do.

About the keyword summary is nothing more than positioning good site keywords, is to do what is to do, for example, to do SEO, so can be around SEO to extend the keyword, such as seo ah, seo blog ah, seo learning ah, and so on, long tail words, can also extend through these words, and so long tail words. Beijing seo,http://www.seostudy.org (original), Hope and more friends Exchange QQ Group: 20168524, Mutual exchange, mutual progress, and grow together.

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