On the three points to be done after the site's right to fall

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A lot of webmaster in do stand when the site has been down right or even by K tragedy, sometimes clearly their own site did not do any of the irregularities will be down right. But if the right to be down, and not to analyze why the site came down the right reason, then the next may lead to the site of the entire station by K or home page K. So, when we encounter their own site is down the right time, first of all should carefully check their website, not to save time to the careless to simple inspection, the reason for the right to be down mainly two points, one is its own reasons. The second is to be implicated. If the site is down right, then you should start from their own direction, first check their own website, must be careful, can not let go of any small details, when their own site did not find the problem, just to check the external reasons, may be links, outside the chain, and so on, all of these must be checked to find the problem and solve, will not lead to even greater tragedies. So when the site is down right, how should we examine the details?

Check the Web site first. Check the site must do fine and fine, because the effect of a temporary may pass a fatal wound, so have to fine and careful to do their own website inspection work. Do not underestimate this step! Only by doing this step can we be more certain to do the next job. Own site Inspection points: 1 Web site access speed. The speed of the Web site is related to whether the site can run stably, so, this is more important, generally a site access speed of more than half a minute, then rankings, weights are not good. 2 code. Many webmaster think that the code for the site down right does not matter, if you think about it, it's a big mistake, if you've changed your code in the near future, or if you've deleted some code on a large scale, it's also likely to affect the weight of the site, because when you change the code on a large scale, the search engine wants to get to know your site again Then you will see him as a new station, before the weight may be reduced, this is the code reason. 3 Dark chain, hanging horse. This is the most lethal trick. Once your site is linked to the chain or hanging horse was found in search, then will not be more than half a day, will soon let your site in search of lead disappeared. Therefore, this should be carefully checked, found that there is not the site of their own website will immediately attract attention, otherwise hurt is their own.

Next Check links. A lot of the site is down the right to be such a link to the links, most of the reason because the site with their own links to use some improper means to improve the ranking or weight, and lead to the site is down the right to even be k off, so that their own web site has been implicated. As the saying goes, a snake rat litters. Search to treat such a station to pursue the purpose is to have k wrong, did not let go! Therefore, the link of the inspection is also an important step in the work, should carefully put each link thoroughly thorough inspection, through the analysis of the other side of the site there is no suspicion of the place, if any, then immediately put the link under the Lest it cause greater loss. Analysis of link steps, here I summed up three steps: A snapshot, the snapshot can directly show the other side of the site is friendly. The second chain, by querying the other side of the history of the chain, so as to see the other side of the chain has been stable increase, rather than a roller coaster, and sometimes at times. Three contents. Search has been shown that some sensitive words are definitely not included in the index, so it is necessary to check whether there are sensitive words, such as pornography.

Finally check the site outside the chain. In fact, this is the same as check links, the main check the stability of their own web site, through the analysis of the chain number of data, to get their own site outside the chain is not a very smooth increase, not from the roller coaster, rushed to the ground and then rushed. In this way, even if you look at all feel stimulated. Let search leads to know, that is not die? And think back to do the chain when you use the word has no grazing words appear, send the link is not appropriate, hair outside the chain is not suitable, like the author once a station, because mainly through Baidu space to promote, the last space was seized, the next day, The website is also followed by 炴. Therefore, do not rely only on the promotion of a place, to do a wide and refined, the chain of drag to make the site down the right examples. Only in the search to accept the scope of the promotion to better avoid the site is down right.

Site down right is not terrible, terrible is the right to fall after the action how to do! If still blindly to challenge the bottom line of search, then the site is still far from the time to go! The gauge distance Fangcheng! Good about the site is down right after how to do the inspection of the experience to write here. This article by the Http://www.jianfeiyaocn.com Weight loss drug list exclusive experience feeds, reproduced please leave the chain, thank you!

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