On the three stages of acquiring weights for new stations

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A new station in the process of gaining weight will undergo a period of development, turbulent period, mature stage three stages, I would like to talk about this three-stage, the new station should be how to face and deal with the relevant issues, how to let the site smoothly through these three stages, so that the site to get the high weight of the site search engine.

High-weight site refers to the release of the article or content will be seconds, there are many keywords Top 5. Website popularity is very high, this is one of the indicators, but also the goal of the development of new stations, want to let the site get high weight, then must deal with the various problems of the site.

I. Development period

A new station, no flow, no popularity, no outside chain, the real three, however, it is not important, it is important that the content of your site is valuable, because only valuable sites, others will stay down to see, it is possible to create a sense of love, but also may become a site of the old users, the old user more, naturally also formed a popularity. In the site development period, the most should do is to enrich the content of the site.

What should be paid attention to when enriching the content of the website

1, do not copy the article or content of any website.

2, the best of all content by their own original, on the Internet is unique.

3, if you do not write original, you can see other people's articles, and then come up with their own content to write.

This is as a webmaster should have, because the webmaster's writing level must not be bad, things written more, nature will be written. This is also a good way to exercise yourself, not only can help yourself also can help the site.

Ii. Turbulent period

There will always be someone said, their own site rankings how no, their own site included was deleted, the first page was k the kind of problems. In Search Engine Guide 2.0 There are most of the ways to enhance the weight of the site, what to do for the site good. If you do it, then the weight of the site will only rise, not fall, unless you really cheat. If you don't cheat, please don't panic, because you did not violate the search engine rules, the rankings are not good is not your site problem, there may be in front of you the site is more weight than you, you should do is to continue to update your site, the chain continue to do, when a nobody is the same, adhere to the victory. Because I've had an example of this, one of my websites, in September, when K is not a page, was really completely tired, so I did not do anything, the optimization of the site is no longer to do, December, the site was included and a number of keywords have been a good ranking. So, a lot of time your site is not a problem, do not too much to do the site is lazy seo. Because SEO is only a way to enhance the traffic of the site.

What to do in the turbulent period of the website

1, increase the speed of updating the content of the website

2, the original content of the site to maintain more than 90%, it is best not to copy the content of the article, because the copy content of the article can not bring your site too much weight. Only original articles to better enhance the weight of the site.

3, try not to exchange links, site weight promotion is not dependent on friendship links, but should be one-way links. Reduce the site outside the chain output, increase outside the chain is the king, not too mean anchor text or plain text, as long as the site can increase the exposure rate is the focus.

Iii. Maturity

As I have just started to say, the maturity of a site is to get the search engine-given the high weight of the site, your article can be a second charge? is your target keyword not multiple to get a good rank? is the flow up? This time, we should consider the problem is deeper, that is the conversion rate. If you are a product station, and users do not generate revenue, then your Web site traffic no more use. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the conversion rate at this time.

In the maturity of the website, we should do things

1, outside the chain of construction, in the maturity of the site, the site is basically stereotyped, the weight is also stable growth, outside the chain construction can no longer as before the daily increase of 100, 200 of the number, can reduce the number, more is to let the chain become traffic, rather than an increase in the weight of the site tool.

2, the content of the website, add new content, user favorite content is the focus, users want to see what, you update what.

3, to maximize social media, search traffic is not the main, this time we should expand the visibility of the site.

Do you often see some sites outside the chain is not much, but the ranking is very good, because they unknowingly have experienced these three stages, you see some sites, many outside the chain, ranking is general, because they are still wandering these three stages. Only stick to it, through these three stages, then your website development will be smooth. Of course, there may be various external factors, such as server replacement, site attack and so on.

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