On the two taboo in website promotion

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First: Can't stick to the end

We all know that Web promotion is a long and boring thing, even if it is a person who does not know how to make a website, it is not difficult to do a general web site, the speed of two hours can be a quick one, the speed is not fast, at most also can be a day or two to fix one so today, To build a site, it is not surprising, then the site was established, this involves the promotion of the problem, and the fact is often, many just started to do the site's friends are too quick to do today's website, Through one months or even a few days want to have a very good traffic like I used to 120tu.com this domain to do a movie station, after the site completes I will write some predetermined content then goes to each forum to send the post, also does not know some posts the technique person is very diligent, sends the advertisement to be quite many, Maybe the admin didn't erase all my posts, but you want to, do you have any reason to post a poster? Even if you come in, people will not give you the target site to bring traffic and even gain to the end, adhere to a period of time, always see the flow has been kept to dozens of of hundreds of the region floating up and down, there is no progress And finally give up, it is really undesirable to do so, no matter what the future will be, but at least I did a lot of work in the early years is white.

Second: Not enough patience

mentioned above to the forum to post, in fact, these are also to go to the Forum people know one thing some of the forum master may suddenly be able to see you this is a poster, so it will not give you the same target flow, When you go to some other forums or Baidu know stick inside to answer the question top sticker, also often make some small mistakes, straight to the point, so many people see is an ad administrator do not delete, others will not go to see, so I said here this patience, is the hope that we do promote the people, Be sure to hold your breath, even if you can only send a few meaningful posts a day, also do not send some messy, to do not meaningless post, so even if more will not have effect my suggestion, is to meet other people some urgent need to solve the problem, maybe you are not how how the matter does not matter, you go to Hundred Valley to search, Now the search is more and more developed, a lot of things you can find the answer, or say 120tu this domain name, because there is now a directory is to do the health of this piece.

Baidu know the above to promote the time, I saw a network in the question, she said within one months how to lose 20 kg, see this problem, I have no way, so I went to Baidu to search for ways to lose weight of the article, it is unfortunate, just was I found a one months of people lose weight 20 pounds of personal experience, So I put the key part of this article as a copy, so the top of the Netizen's problem so solved, it doesn't have to be satisfying, but at least it makes people feel like you're serious about her, so even if you do a small ad in the back, people would love to come and see it, is likely to bring you a traffic, if your site is doing a good job, then she will certainly become a loyal user of your site.

My site is also just started, write these, just want to communicate with the novice, just started to do some personal experience of the station.

So that we can better growth, less detours!

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