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Recently, Baidu and 360 make fun, such as in the beginning of this month to "really antivirus, heart safety" of the so-called Thanksgiving activities, one of the links so that estimates attract a lot of users. That is in Micro Bo 360 interception Baidu Security product download or installation of the screenshot, you can get a free Baidu WiFi, although I downloaded the time did not experience 360 interception. But from the friends around me to see. Many of them did not download the installation of Baidu anti-virus products, just don't cut a picture and then sent to micro-blog, that is, Baidu with this free WiFi tools to let a lot of people to black Baidu's competitors. Of course, a lot of people later found that they have sent those micro-blog after more than 10 days did not see Baidu to their "reward", this is not our discussion area. That is to say, Baidu uses its own wifi as a gift to buy tens of thousands of of the people, and to those who want to passively fight against competitors, and this information is I today to share the inspiration of this article.

Now in the domestic Internet, many people are accustomed to the use of free things, and many people in the Internet appear very greedy. To say the simplest example, a few people will quietly give money to Microsoft to buy a genuine operating system, I estimate that China's ordinary Internet users do not have a few will buy genuine software, it is because of this so in the domestic internet there are countless pirated software download sites, and very high popularity. Above with the example of Baidu is to lead to this topic, Baidu is actually using the user like some cheap, so it is bound to attract a lot of users to and.

I think that in the marketing process many people have been using the user's greed, such as offline shopping malls to engage in promotional activities, in fact, these things are understandable. Because there is no damage to the interests of their users, but also on the surface has given users a lot of benefits, that is, to achieve the effect of a win. And in the Internet we are in order to promote their products or services are doing so, but usually everyone seems to be very implicit to say, and I am here today very directly to say these things. Here are several examples to talk about the use of users of the user's "greed" and "desire" to do marketing. The reason I quote here is because what I'm saying here is not what we usually think of as a derogatory term, I think it should be treated as a neutral word, because it is human nature, there is no immoral things.

First, use the user's "greed". In the last few days of the double 12, Taobao spent tens of millions of of the day's Shuangse lottery bags, and the package to receive all the bonuses to the user. Who does not like money, not to give users, said Taobao this tyrants behavior is enough to attract eyeballs, in fact, is to use the user's greed, because everyone is interested in money. Originally a two dollars of things who will not care about, for example, I lost two dollars will not be sad, but here is Taobao sent is not the same ah, because it is a gift, but also with everyone to play. So I think Taobao this marketing strategy than take this money advertising much better, even than he took out billions of dollars to hit ads are much better. You can think about it, his user tens of millions of for the average person is indeed an astronomical, but for them the internet giant is the tip of the iceberg, and this effect is almost hundred conversion rate, because the purpose of his campaign to promote Taobao mobile client and pull the double 12 day of trading volume, And only to help Taobao do these two things after the user can get Taobao loss to their own welfare. Such a marketing approach not only makes Taobao easy to achieve its own goals, but also in front of the user to consolidate their giant image of the big.

Second, the use of the user's "desire." Here said I share two examples, one is to satisfy the user's curiosity, one is to satisfy the user's vanity, and both are desires. Everyone will find that whether we go to the movie site or picture site, whether we go to the big stations such as Baidu or some small sites, on the home page are some seemingly pornographic pictures or films and other attractive to think what is the interface, why this? It's easy to explain, because people are curious about these things, Can not help but to click in to see, and this will certainly improve the user's stay time, as well as the page conversion rate. There is one thing that is most vividly in some mutual aid communities, and that is to give those who are free to create content for their own community some virtual titles, in fact, this title does not make any sense, but at least in this community seems to be a kind of glory, in fact, this is a virtual glory. In the final analysis, the use of these more active users of the "desire", of course, is also a demand in theory.

I also said here the "greed" and "desire" is not our usual sense of derogatory, in fact, we can think of the user's needs, and we rely on them to do marketing promotion, in fact, is to meet the needs of users. For example, Taobao's promotional funds if placed on the television, users will not think that their needs are met, and directly to help them buy lottery tickets, users can deeply believe that their material needs to meet. Regardless of whether we do products or services, only let users feel that we do this is to meet their needs to reap what we want.

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