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As a seoer, I also deeply understand the role of SEO to promote the site, especially the corporate web site, because the SEO can put the site keywords in front of the major search engines, can get from the search engine to bring the flow, can improve the visibility of the site. But as an enterprise-type website, you just do this step or not, because the ultimate goal of the Enterprise website is to be able to achieve the use of the site to sell their products, publicity their corporate culture, display their company's size and product supply strength. Therefore, the company's website light seo, the key words to the search engines in front, or far from enough.

Enterprise website In addition to SEO promotion, more needs a good user experience (UEO) to attract customers, retain customers. Enterprise website to do a variety of promotion, nothing more than to attract potential customers to visit their own website, and finally through a good website user experience, thoughtful customer service and perfect after-sales service to convert the flow of traffic to buyers. In general, the success of an enterprise website must be based on a good user experience, Web site SEO is also so. A Web site can do a good job of user experience, so that every detail can reflect the best user experience, such a site most of the search engine is also friendly. Now the search engine's algorithm more and more complex, more and more advanced, completes the website user experience certainly will let the SEO effect obtain the greatest degree embodiment.

How to do a good user experience, we must grasp the site every detail, how these details reflect, must stand in a user's point of view to experience the friendliness of the site, the following to talk about my experience of the site user experience, so that the SEO and user experience combined.

The user experience of enterprise website should pay attention to

1. Give your website a unique sound

The website does not have to be pure business statements or dreary factual statements. Give your site a unique voice that lets your visitors sing along. This sound can prevent you from being away from someone. It is even more important if the products you sell in your industry can be easily purchased by any other sales target. How can you make your product better? Perhaps, there is no way, but the unique voice of the website can make you distinguish from other websites, and feel quite good.

2. Create Site Map

It's very difficult if you don't have a big website. In this case, creating a site map is time-consuming and difficult to maintain. If your site is constantly updating, adding or deleting pages, it's even more troublesome. However, large sites can benefit from these site maps. You can also consider creating a new version of your site map that will automatically update you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to keep your site map updated.

Site map to provide visitors with a more convenient way to access all your pages. Think of it as a desktop directory where visitors can reach the specified page with a single click. These clickable directories help those lost visitors quickly and easily find the information they want without having to go through multi-level navigation. The quicker you make the right information available to your visitors, the more transformations you get.

3. Have excellent internal search column of the website

A "site internal search" column, there may be positive and negative two effects, specifically to see how it works. The key is the word "good". If the public doesn't think your site is a good internal search, you'd better not have this column. Every time, I went to the website to search I knew they have some products, the results of their site internal search results are 0. It's pretty bad.

If your search results are not 100% accurate, you will lose the opportunity. This is a very plain truth. It's much better to let your visitors browse through your product by navigating or sitemap than by misleading them within the site's internal search.

There are other important factors in the excellent site's internal search column, and if the search product does not exist, it should produce the corresponding results. If you are searching for a specific product and there is a product that compares to it, the products that are compared should also appear on the search page. Similarly, search for misspellings, if we can properly identify, should also submit the correct results.

The loss of a certain number of potential web sites is due to the large amount of search within the site. If the visitors don't get the results, they will look for sites that have the information they want. Originally can sell successful, why should lose this opportunity?

4. Revise the verification procedure

I've never heard of a validation program that doesn't need to be fixed. The exact number of revisions depends on how bad your program is, but you can usually do some patching improvements.

To be sure, your validator provides visitors with as few steps as possible. Each click Visitor is forced to check, which gives the visitor a chance to give up completely. Reduce the completion of validation forms, call for action, put the relevant products in a strategic position and modify some of the commands to simplify the verification process.

5. Follow-up

Communication is the key to business success. If you let the leading position gradually ending, it is tantamount to refusing the money in thousands of miles away. There are many ways to follow, such as answering calls, follow-up calls, follow-up emails, automated responses, and email confirmations. Each method must be analyzed continuously to ensure that they perform the best possible utility.

Small things like automatically confirming emails can give potential customers a special impression. They can get information from the content and the way you talk and determine what kind of company you are. Follow-up can help visitors decide if they want to work with your business.

6. Privacy Policy

Has anyone ever seen a privacy policy on a Web page? Who cares? Maybe they don't pay attention at all, but they want to know if you're serious about other people's privacy. You not only have to come up with a decent privacy policy, but also link it to each of your sites. This makes visitors feel that you care about their privacy, and that this form is meant to protect their company's information. They believe that even if they do not read, they are guaranteed.

7. Clarify your intentions

When a visitor enters your home page, is it easy to figure out what you are doing? If not, there is a problem. Some industries are really confusing, but it doesn't matter, you should be like any person who visits your site to explain what you are doing and what benefits your product or service offers.

You may think that only professionals will enter your site, you are wrong. These people may be your initial audience or source of sales, but it is inevitable that you will get traffic from potential customers who don't know the industry terminology like you do. Don't say it's too confusing. It doesn't take much time to talk to your early listeners with a digression. And no matter who you say, if a visitor needs more than two seconds to know what you are doing, you may lose them.

8. Navigation system

Most navigation bars simply link to lists of links to individual pages. Even if your navigation chain is followed by all of your important pages, irregular navigation systems can make your visitors feel more complicated. It's like every site is dismembered into many parts, information about the company is in one section, and information about the product or service is in another. If you have multiple product catalogs, they can be divided into several parts.

Implementing a standardized navigation system allows visitors to quickly find the pages they are interested in. The less they need to think (and search), the better.

9. Apply Format

Except that the home page looks different from other pages inside the site, other pages should use a consistent format. Your header, navigation, and footer should be consistent. The best you can do is to often change the format of each page on the site. This creates chaos, like farmers in politics. The visitors agree that the information they can rely on is usually in the same place, regardless of which page of your site should be similar. This consistency will ensure that they get the information they want more quickly.

10. Add Unique Product Information

Many people get the product description from the manufacturer, which is no problem, but you have to create better or add your own unique product information, do not original copy. Start with 1 and create your own voice. Just using the recording description is not enough. Make your statement human, talk about your personal unique feelings, or what you think is important to your visitors and what they might want to know. The more unique the information you provide, the more prominent your site is than any other site.

Controlling page size

Why control the page size? Because Baidu is included in the page size limit, the page is too big, the bottom of Baidu does not accept at all. So if the page is more than 125k, the content behind Baidu is not found. Therefore, we suggest that you control the page size within 125K. If the page must be larger than this size, please write the important note in front of the page, which helps to get the keyword ranking. In addition, it is said that Baidu now the letter + number of the file name is more friendly, but this is not verified.

Home ads

Home ads must not put more, keep in 1-2 on OK, home best put on the search box Baidu, even if you do not cheat, advertising too much Baidu also feel that your station is not conducive to visitors.

Second, the Enterprise website SEO

1, know what keywords to optimize.

Search Engine Optimization is useless if you don't know what you want to optimize for. For some companies, it would be easy to pick the right keywords: candy makers may choose candies and chocolates and similar words; Some companies ' websites may be harder: What words should be highlighted in an online store that sells multiple products? How can a comprehensive Web site that includes many topics determine which search terms to focus on?

In principle, the optimization should be based on which words are most frequently searched and which words are most closely related to the company. One way to evaluate search term popularity indices is to use the Online keyword tool, which is designed to evaluate which words are used most when searching. Google keyword tools and search engine keyword advice tools (SEO book Keyword suggestion Tool) can help you, and they advise you to use relevant words that may not be thought of. The ultimate goal is to optimize the words that bring the most traffic and the most closely related content to your site. No matter how aggressively you seek optimization, you won't be able to bring any traffic to the site if you optimize the site for words that no one has entered into the search engine. So before doing any other work, should carefully select a few relevant, the most concerned about the words to optimize.

2, pay attention to the title tag and URL.

SEO experts agree that the title tag should be the focus of search engine optimization work. The search engine puts the text in the title tag as the most important element on the page. For this reason, you should add your own keywords, so that each title tag on the site is unique. Some experts suggest that these labels should be viewed as the titles of hundreds of books that have been published in the hope that potential customers can find: "If you give them all the same name, no one knows they introduce different content

Years ago, many people thought that the URL structure was irrelevant, only the actual content of the Web page was very important. But today's search engine believes that the keyword in the URL is important, and its importance is no less than the page itself keyword. Although most publishing systems use keywords in URLs, there are still systems that use simple URLs by default: This URL consists of numbers, not keywords.

Therefore, it is necessary to take some time to make the keyword part of the URL structure, at a glance URL not only to help search engine understanding, but also to help users understand.

In addition, each page on the site should be linked to only one URL, multiple URLs to a page content will make the search engine confused.

3, pay attention to others how to link to their own website.

If a visitor links to their website, it will be very happy. But, to be aware, some links have a much greater positive impact on the rankings that Web sites get from search engines than on other links. Why? Because the search engine takes into account the link anchor text (anchor text) that is used to link to the site.

If you want to increase the ranking of a keyword or phrase, encourage others to use these keywords in the link anchor text that points to your site, instead of just using the name of your site. For convenience, you can provide the actual HTML code you want the linked site to use: Many of the linker will simply paste the code copy onto their site instead of spending time customizing it.

4, do spelling correctly, if necessary, intentionally misspelled

Your site, especially keywords, cannot be spelled incorrectly. For example, spelling errors are a serious problem for ebay sellers, and there may be no bidders. On the other hand, intentionally adding some words that are often misspelled can sometimes get unexpected results. For example, about 5% of searchers put absinthe (meaning "absinthe") into Absinth, so it might be wise to add this misspelled word as an auxiliary keyword (to supplement the correct spelling of the word).

5, note the use of flash

Websites that use a lot of flash look cool, but search engines aren't buying it. In fact, the closer the Web site content is to plain text, the easier it is to search by search engines. Although today's search engines are easier to handle with flash than in the past, text and HTML are still the way to go if you focus more on the ideal search results rather than the beautiful interface.

6, resist duplication of content and plagiarism

One of the most difficult SEO problems to solve is the problem of content duplication. Others may steal your work, bring it back and redistribute it, claiming to be content. All search engines are not good at identifying which version of the page is the original version. If a search engine cannot identify who is copying who, you are likely to be penalized for repeating pages. And the penalties are serious: duplicate sites do not appear in search results unless searchers click on the search engine's links so that "repeat searches contain omitted results", but no one does.

To deal with plagiarism, many websites have a mechanism to report copyright infringement (for example, Google Blogger Service has a notification system). It's a tedious process, but it's worth it if it helps you get away with the unjust punishment.

7, using the "keyword cloud" for internal links

If you put "keyword cloud" (Word cloud) or "tag cloud" (Tag Cloud) on your home page, the internal link to the content will "take care of yourself". Links from one Web page to another page within your site-no matter what you do, help improve your site's ranking in search results.

In addition, submitting selected content to major social news sites such as Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon, occasionally brings a tidal flow, but this approach is largely luck. Also, be careful to submit too much content to a social news website to avoid being included in the spam senders list.

8, put the quality in the first place

It seems obvious that the quality of the site content in any SEO strategy must be put in the first place. Search engine results depend largely on the number of import links to your content, whether they come from blogs, news reports, or social news sites like Digg. Unless you have a compelling reason to link visitors to your site, you won't be able to get those links, and you won't be able to improve your search rankings-no matter how often your keywords appear on the home page. Therefore, you should write some in-depth blog, for the contents of the product to write fun and chic promotional text, photos and videos on the Web page. In short, you have to do everything you could to make your site different from thousands of other sites on the web.

9, don't let SEO Block road

The last piece of advice that experts give about search engines is that SEO is not contradictory to good user experience or ease of use. Users are almost always good for search engines, so using the best content, design, and architecture to build the best sites is a great way to help your site rank ahead in search results. Make sure that no matter what kind of Web site you build, search engines are easy to find, so you can stand out. ”

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