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First of all, thank you webmaster watch this article, if there are different views please forgive me, after all, I am a rookie, OK, cut to the chase. I believe that all stationmaster attaches great importance to exchange link this question, so about the effect of the exchange links can be achieved, many scholars or marketers have a big difference in opinion, some people think that can be obtained from the link is very little traffic, but also some people think that the significance of links, not only to obtain potential brand value, You can also get a lot of direct traffic. At the same time, there are some aspects that need to be noticed for the problem of exchanging links. I personally think that the meaning of the exchange of links not only in the direct effect of how much, but in the industry's recognition and recognition, in general, linked to the site on the scale is relatively close to the content of a certain degree of relevance or complementarity.

Links in the site, we often see some very different results, and some sites without distinction to list a lot of seemingly unrelated sites, from chemical building materials to personal photo, as well as a variety of personal homepage, there are many sites, there is no link to the relevant site. Both of these situations are extreme, and there are some areas that need attention even under normal conditions.

1. Worthless links

How many links do you think is enough? This is often some network marketers more concerned about the problem, however, this standard may be difficult to determine, mainly with the site in the area of the situation. A special professional site, there may be relevant or complementary sites are very few, then there is the possibility of the number of exchange links are naturally relatively few. Conversely, the popular web site can choose the link object will be much more extensive.

We want to link the number of sites as much as possible, but not what kind of links are meaningful, unrelated links to their own site does not have any positive effect, on the contrary, a large number of unrelated or low-level links to the site, will reduce the quality of those sites on your trust, while, Visitors will also see your site as low quality or not professional, seriously affecting the reputation of the site.

Therefore, do not attempt to try out the automatically linked software to complete, also do not link a large number of low quality sites, each link object is a partner, should be personally to the situation of partners to make an analysis to see if it is necessary to do links, and only after careful analysis of the issue of cooperation invitations, the chances of success is relatively large.

Often received in the content of the site has nothing to do or how much content of the website requirements of the exchange of links, some sites even in advance to the link required to give a link, and these sites to link not only meaningless, and sometimes even damage their image.

2. Invalid link

No one likes their site there are many invalid links, but, in fact, many sites have different degrees of this problem. Even if the site internal links are no problem, but it is difficult to ensure that the link to the outside of the same no problem, because the link site may be revised, closed and other reasons the original path is no longer valid, and for visitors, all the problems are the site's problems, They are not going to analyze whether their site has been closed or other problems have occurred, research shows that an average of 15 links have a bad link, if your site on average to browse 15 pages per person, which means that each visitor will find a wrong link, what does this mean for your website image?

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a systematic examination of the site links at every interval. There are many ways to check links, but for the main page, it is necessary to check each link, but to check thousands of links, you need to use some software, or the way of online testing.

In addition, new sites are being created every day, the task of exchanging links is not the end of the time, of course, in many cases, are the new site to offer cooperation requests, to these sites for rigorous inspection, from which to choose their own site, will be the team of partners growing and rich, I believe that the vast majority of sites, is a huge fortune. (This article by the www.5188ptc.cn stationmaster provides the manuscript material)

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