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now classified information site is very fire also a lot, but really can make money how many? At the fair, they all did a great job, they did pull a large part of the user, but did not convert to RMB ah. So webmaster friends, I want to say today is: Classified information Web site can do, how to do.

Some friends may have the question, the market, the customer gather so has the strength the team to do the classification information even then, that we these grassroots stationmaster is not to be presumptuous. Here I can say for sure, we do not have the grass is weaker than they do!

Grassroots Webmaster Do classified information There are 2 ways, or to do local classification information, or do industry subdivision of the classification of information. The market and the guests are in the way of the country as the target markets, can make every provincial capital city is already very good, but the fact is that they have a number of provincial capitals to visit the high, the number of members, there are many provincial capital city visits and membership are very low. This shows what the problem, their tentacles can extend to each region, but there is no energy infiltration, this is the Webmaster friends opportunity, but also advantage. Every webmaster to make full use of the advantages of local resources is absolutely able to compete with these so-called giants. And I personally prefer the county-level market. The reason is very simple district small, local resources better regulation, promotion can find the right force point with the least money and energy to achieve the best results. But I refer to the county and county refers to a certain characteristics of the county, such as agriculture is very developed a fruit and vegetable trade Center, traffic developed is a logistics center and so on. The specific operation of the release method I think more than I do a lot of here is not oneself. Some friends may think that district is too small market is not big enough, I used to think so, it is not. The market and the guests gathered to see the markets are very large, but they do not go down, and they have the strength of funds, excuse me grassroots webmaster have? If you have, please don't read it, because this article is not for you. Now that we don't have the strength and the money to back it up, do as I say, choose a county to go deep, and in a few years these giants will not be able to compete with you locally. When you have a good model of a county can be copied to other counties, with the local surrounding the central model to do, when you can do 3, 5 counties When I think the money is also a lot of it.

Because the focus is on the localization of the route, industry subdivision routes I simply say. First take the advertisement this piece, any does the website operation the person should value the advertisement to bring the benefit. And guests gathered in the advertising can go to see, many cities advertising is empty. Why, one of the reasons I said above that they have not really infiltrated, there is another aspect is why advertisers spend money on such sites to advertise? If the advertisers are real estate developers, people will go to soufun or local well-known real estate network, if the car dealers will go to the Pacific network. And too all-inclusive of the classification of information network has this drawback, such as someone else advertisers in your place to put the real estate ads, there must be the problem of reducing the value of advertising, people know you are to see the house or to see the car or look at the recruitment. Therefore, the search house is a real estate subdivision classification information Network success cases, everyone to think about it.

The first time I published an article, I also looked at the mistakes.

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