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Every day in QQ, forum these places to ask the original how to do how to do, original how to write.

From the beginning always thought that original is really difficult. Front 11545.html "> We have mentioned that we are not original, we come to the original headquarters."

So where do we get the information? Some friends have to be puzzled about it. Let's talk about the news you usually read.

QQ News, Sina, 163. But did you find out that I went to see them every day? In fact, many of the news is the same, write the same thing, the difference is the writing method and description, even the title is not the same, but is the same incident, said here, you should know what I want to say?

You can read a good article, then change a title (key words) or you can * * for the title, and then you are through your ideas and writing to write this event, of course, the repetition of the text does not exist, because it is written with your ideas. In fact, this is a good way to exercise editorial writing.

So we are not original, also can not let search engine see we cheat, not only in the search engine weight increased and snapshot update also quickly Oh!

Again, the core part of this article is to borrow someone else's information, thank the original author here.

Welcome you often to my forum to play: Http://www.23shw.com welcome you reprint, reprint please keep all the links thank you

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