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The day before yesterday saw a good bean network of gourmet Community website, in the user experience contest, invited some of the domestic user experience in the senior people, such as Baidu User Experience Center design manager, Alibaba Senior product manager, Microsoft Senior designers, as well as Tencent's designers and a large number of it celebrities to serve as judges, The site is not a speculation, but from the site so generous please these celebrities to serve as judges, visible, more and more sites pay attention to user experience.

What is the user experience?

User experience is a user-centric, access to the user in the use of a product or service in the process of the products and services of the most authentic feelings and views. Expect to use the user's experience in the form of technology to improve products and services, and ultimately achieve the purpose of retaining users.

How to do a good user experience?

User experience is human-centered, people-oriented. In the web2.0 era, the competition in various industries is more and more fierce, the same industry site or geographical site of the competitor, the copycat more and more, especially the technology difference is less and less, how to pull the distance of followers? Only to improve the user experience, then how to do a good user experience?

A user is the best experience expert,

How can you become a user experience expert? Becoming a user experience expert must have a deep understanding of user behavior, industry rules, user needs, or geographical customs in a particular industry or region. The second is to have an understanding of the user experience, what is the user experience, to understand how to use the experience, what the user experience. Both are indispensable. No doubt the user needs only users understand, why users use your products and services, your products and services have any advantages, you can be very good to say, but why users leave your site, your product why no repeat? For these you may not know, and our users have a deep understanding.

Two of the best product managers are industry experts.

Once in a large local hotel site maintenance, at that time, the company is doing a set of hotel reservation system, in order to improve the related products please come to the specialized product manager, but because the manager but the hotel industry is lack of understanding, everything in accordance with the provisions of the process to do, so that some of the original design died in swaddling. Product Manager for each product design process, product structure and the palm, but not its position, do not seek its position, for some of the rules of the industry to ﹑ characteristics of the most voice is the industry's professionals.

The three best experience process is user participation

Relevant industry professionals in accordance with the characteristics of the industry ﹑ rules to develop a program, designers according to the program design products, the user experience in the process of discovering imperfections, to the site feedback, the site submitted to designers, designers improve.

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