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Recently on the Internet, there will always be some webmaster to ask a similar question: What kind of website to be able to attract customers?

This problem should be included in the author, including all the webmaster are concerned about, but also is always bothering the key to most stationmaster, how to make the website most popular, it is not easy to do. I am here to talk about personal views, I hope the webmaster will help.

Can attract customers of the site must be a popular site, the author believes that the site framework to do beautiful natural will leave a good first impression, but may not be able to long-term retention of customers. If it is to do the corporate website, to be concise and clear, generous and decent on it, because the purpose of the enterprise site is to let customers understand products and services, not to see the site frame beautiful or not. If it is a personal site, you can do a beautiful generous, pleasing, preferably add a bit of fashion elements.

A lot of webmasters think that the site is ugly to cause the site no traffic, appearance is important, but the content is the root of the site. If the site has only a beautiful shell and no real content, then this site is only a short-lived, long-lasting. The author thinks, can satisfy the user demand, and the public life is closely related content information, is popular. Is there anyone concerned about the content of the website? Is it a requirement? This is the person who often writes the content of the website should consider most When we look at the site traffic data may find that some articles are often someone search to see, and some articles, although the search engine included, ranking or, click Rate is not high, because no one has searched. It is conceivable that the content of the site is concerned, whether it is required, how important the operation of the site.

When we are in Baidu or Google search article title, often there will be a lot of the same content. According to our personal habits, will only click on the top of the site to view, that is, this article is the first in this site, the weight of high, other sites even if the same content, generally will not go to see. I do not mean to improve the ranking of the site, but to tell you to try to avoid the same content, as far as possible to innovate. Even if the content of the article is what users need, but also high-quality original, but it may still not be seen. And why? The same topic, in tens of thousands of sites have written a lot of many, although the search engines included, but not necessarily good rankings, even if we write again good, because such articles have been too much, and can only sink in the ocean of the Internet.

The author in this proposal webmaster in the decision to write an article, first go to Baidu, Google search this title, has appeared a lot of words to choose to give up, to redesign a maverick title.

The content of gold ultimately determines the customer's trend, but also the key to retain customers. Even if your article topic someone is concerned about, also be customer demand, and also be seen by others, but the content of the contents of gold, is the final decision to determine the key to user recognition. Especially corporate websites should pay attention to, as a company in a particular industry, the article on the website if very unprofessional, even let the user read impassability, this greatly reduced the company's prestige, after all, the purpose of the enterprise website is to let the customer is to understand the products and services, any customer is looking for a professional company. If it is a personal website that is based on an ad league, the content of the article will determine whether the visitor will continue to browse your site, in other words, decide whether or not to leave a visitor. There is only a very good looking site, but the content is very vague, the visitor will simply take a look and then leave.

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