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For the maintenance of the site often updated this issue, each SEO tutorial mentioned, but the reason did not see the master detailed solution, after a long period of testing, here to share a personal explanation on this issue, hope that you can understand the daily update on the site has any advantages, And understand why daily updates bring this advantage.

On the Internet, we can see a lot of such cases, a site, domain name for a long time, but rarely updated, PR value can be 6, 7, and ranked very good, this has such a doubt? Not to say that the daily update of the site weight is higher, why my site every day update, other sites do not update, And they're ranked better than me? I've done a lot of testing on this issue, including tests for some old stations and new stations, and now I'm starting to answer these questions.

The daily update of the site does not have a substantial impact on the rankings, content and links or ranking of the foundation, the daily update of the role of its role in the collection. A website, if updated once a year, then search engine spider after this year's analysis, know that you only updated at the beginning, then it will adjust the algorithm, the beginning of the year to update your site, included once, then if you published a new resource at other times, the result is, only until the beginning of the search engine will be included. And if you update the site daily, then search engine spiders will also adjust the algorithm, daily update your site, so that your daily release of resources will be the first time included. In other words, the reason for the daily update is that it helps us improve the efficiency of the Web page, the Web page only can bring traffic, so we listed it as part of SEO.

Some people say that the daily update of the weight of the site, why say so?

Daily updates let your content be included in the first time, if it is original, then your article will be included in the first, the search engine will give you the biggest weight, and if your article is the first release, be reproduced by others, others first included, and you later included, that others although is reproduced, but the weight will be larger than yours. This is the daily update in favor of the weight of reason, he let your original can be included in the first time, so that the weight should be. At the same time, the collection of real-time will expand your data volume, but also make the search engine on your site data more sensitive, ranking update faster.

The above is the individual for daily updates brought about by the SEO effect of the analysis, hope for everyone useful. I qq:651121588, welcome the broad masses of SEO together to explore theoretical knowledge.

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