Once feared that this might cause some real damage to us.

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"Luo: The national well-known rogue touches the porcelain to make the black our post to drive the national media to follow the overwhelming booing to forward our negative news those two days, we were worried that it might do some real harm to us, but we finally found that the number of days we had returned was only 100 more than usual.

In the "Hammer Technology CEO" in the identity of the company published in the official statement of the "national well-known Rogue Touch porcelain", Luo this is to the company's investors and other executives to pull hatred? Luo at first said that I had uncovered the problem of his mobile phone, and now he was worried about the real damage from his mouth, and thankfully it only led to 100 more daily withdrawal orders. So many retirement orders can be ignored, is not the original every day there are thousands of return orders? Not to mention that there is no reservation. In fact, these subscribers are Luo of the brain residue powder, even if only 100 withdrawal orders, the feelings of Luo is also a substantial injury. If the "daily return of the singular is only more than 100 more than normal" is not "substantial harm", then announced the production of a few months and the proposed booking customer refund, and what level of harm?

Luo: Good time to come out hundreds of a day, bad time even to the entire production line completely stop to rectify. "Because of the new production line quality control does not make it in place, resulting in some unqualified products outflow, ... These are serious dereliction of duty in our work and we cannot avoid them. 】

What did Luo say when the hammer phone had just been exposed to quality problems? "New production line just opened, the failure rate of open box in 3% is normal." Production line (usually a month) after the failure rate of open box in about 1%, is the world's 500 powerful factory standards, but also we set standards. At the outset, it was normal and now admits that "serious dereliction of duty at work cannot be avoided".

"Luo: We used to pay 300 yuan advance to start the pre-sale of the original intention, not because of lack of production funds, but take into account the 0 Yuan booking method will lead to a high number of reservations, not conducive to our correct judgment of reasonable production." 】

Luo once boasted that hammer phone as long as a listing will be snapped, originally worried about selling not to go out, do not dare to do more, only dare to determine the output according to the effective order, no wonder then the point "capacity."

"Luo: That means it will take a few months to digest the orders we have now." 】

Luo claims to give a reservation of 300 yuan "cash coupons", in fact, is not cash, but it has not opened the shop's shopping coupons, promotional use. Luo received the customer's reservation or even the entire paragraph, but repeatedly reneged, after a few months can not be shipped, whether suspected fraud or illegal fund-raising? What's the interest rate? He boasted 80 million bookings, and if the interest on the loan company, the interest at least earned millions of. In a few months, the hammer phone configuration, less than 1000 yuan can buy it?

"Luo:" My new colleagues asked me why there are so many online xx with a start-up mobile phone companies and those mobile phone giants to compare the capacity and ridicule, but also laugh at us compared with the Giants, relatively not by the cooperation of manufacturers. I say, on a large scale to laugh at a man who is too tall and stunted, to mock a woman with a bad chest, a country that laughs at the poor and the attention of a start-up, is already a very shabby value. 】

Is Luo himself has been touching porcelain "those mobile giants", scold "those mobile phone giants" "stunted", is now found to be his own "stunted", and what pure?

Wen/Ark 2014.8.2

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